Felder Felder: 60’s sweet summer

Felder Felder: 60's sweet summer

Felder Felder: 60's sweet summer


A-Listed was invited to see the Felder Felder SS15 collection at London Fashion Week 2014. The runway was ignited with a splash of hypnotic aqua blues, bohemian fringed blouses and an elegant array of silk black and white shirts teamed up with the iconic cow boy boots.

The collection oozed a laid back, relaxed and casual feel – definitely wearable and classy.

Shiny leather and glittering gold mini skirts especially made this collection memorable. Still feminine and incredibly sexy, Felder Felder have the know how in taking classic designs and injecting fun into them.

Our favourite piece of the show, the long white shirt with horizontal pink print, white mini skirt and ankle boots.

Felder Felder: 60's sweet summer

The Look

Felder Felder: 60's sweet summer

The models had tousled flowing hair and simplistic make-up with a hint of colour running under the eye. The overall look was fresh with a 60's under current being personifying 'peace' and 'hippy chic'. We can't wait to see more from the sisters behind Felder Felder, definitely on our list of exceptional LFW 2014 designers.

Sisters Daniela and Annette the designers behind Felder Felder.  For more on the collection go to www.felderfelder.com


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