Flying fun with family


When you have children, a holiday is never relaxing. It sort of revolves around them and that's all there is to it. I'm always anxious before travelling, with my worries changing drastically after I had my children. So instead of panicking about my pair of jeans fitting around the hips, I'm all of sudden thinking about whether I have packed a first aid kit, milk bottles, my daughters favourite toys or my sons i pad.

This was our first family holiday to Dubai. With two children aged 3 and 6 plus one on the way, attempting to minimise any pre holiday 'stress' I figured was priority! We had been away for quick breaks in the UK but this was our first holiday and I had a long haul flight to look forward to.

Around 2 weeks before we travelled we were sent some fabulous kiddie friendly luggage courtesy of Samsonite. My little boy is obsessed with Marvel so he was over the moon to find his very own Spider-man suitcase ready to be filled. My daughter was sent a gorgeous Cinderella suitcase and Frozen backpack from the Disney Wonder collection.

The Disney Wonder and Marvel Wonder collection is perfect for children and prices are very reasonable ranging from 20 around 90. The suitcases are all suitable to be taken into the aeroplane but we decided to check them in.

Spidermanwondersofttravelset   Princesswondersofttravelset

I think it's so important as a parent to let children help pack their own clothes or at least pop them in the suitcase independently – sure you can neaten it all up yourself after.

The kids and I had such a lovely time pulling out clothes, shoes, hats, folding them up and putting them into their suitcases. It teaches them so much about personal responsibility and helps them to think about all the 'necessities' needed when travelling e.g. toothbrush, sun protector, appropriate clothing. We discussed the weather there, 38 degrees warm….not bad!

The luggage was the ideal size for the kids. Little built in compartments for underwear, flip flops, hats and socks. They were also easy to close and open. The best bit was seeing the kids faces get their luggage back on the conveyor belt at arrivals. I would definitely recommend Samsonite as the go-to place to buy wonderful luggage for the children. Check out the full range here.


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