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Girl-about-town Gabriela Hersham is a British born actress, and a regular face on Londonís fashion and film circuit. After moving to New York City to study theatre at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Gabriela was soon offered roles in A Happy Ending, alongside Sopranoís star Lou Martini JR, and in The Burningmoore Incident. We caught up with Gabriela as she prepares for her upcoming lead role in American Gypsy (to be filmed in New York), scheduled for release early next year.

Tell us about your training?
I trained primarily at the Lee Strasberg school in New York. I was there for 2 years and I loved it. The teachers, the history of the school, the classes on offer and the students. I became really close to some of my teachers and I learnt so much about ridding myself of my inhibitions.  

A mentorís most useful advice?
I found studying Method Acting a really good way to begin learning how to act. I had never studied acting before and learning the method taught me how to recreate my own experiences to bring truth to the text you are doing.

If you were not an actor you would be a?

A journalist

Congrats on your leading role, how did that come about?

I was offered the lead role in Jane Doe by the director as I had worked with him before. It always feels good to be invited back to work on new projects with people Iíve worked with before! Although I guess it means that my on-set pranks didnít annoy everyone as much as Iíd hoped they would ūüôā

Your new role seeís you playing a complex character, how do you mentally prepare for difficult scenes?

Although sheís complex, I havenít found her the toughest role to prepare for. Once Iíd understood why she does what she does (stealing from all the different men!) I understood her motivation and was able to get to grips with it. The toughest part is the accents (she uses a different accent and disguise on each of her pundits) and making sure that each accent is solid and not just a stereotype. I had a dialect coach (Julia Wilson-Dickson) for my American accent which was good but the other accents I had to do were just based on me listening to people speak so there was a little more trial & error (and error and error…) involved!

Who is the most interesting person you have met?

Tough question! Everyone is interesting, with their own story and set of accomplishments. Iíve been lucky enough to meet a lot of people making really interesting and important films (including some of my favourite directors and actors) but chatting with Kevin Spacey after his opening night of Richard III at the Old Vic was fascinating. He was telling me how he got into character – heís really one of my favourite actors.  

Your top 3 icons?
Dita von Teese, Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor. 

3 items you could not live without?

Red lipstick, my dog Shy and my iPhone.
New York or London?

If youíre forcing me to choose, Iíd have to pick Tokyo.


For news and updates on Gabriela's projects you can connect with Gabriela on @gabrielahersham on Instagram , Facebook ,IMdb


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