Gym Bag Heroes

Summer body to prep? Well you need some gym bag heroes to get you beach body ready!

The first part to getting fit I believe is to ‘think’ about it – “honestly” I say with a hint of sarcasm.  Thinking is a huge part of fitness – I always feel like I need to mentally prepare myself and that will normally entail ‘thinking’ about a nice new sweat suit, cute trainers and nice smelly stuff to use after a hard work out. 
I personally love to treat myself and use products that reflect how I feel after exercise.  Here are a few of my essentials albeit after the new sweat suit and cute trainers that I can’t do without.  They smell absolutely divine and leave my skin feeling preened and pampered.  

Dr LeWinn’s Instant Beauty Radiance Booster

This is a clever little product.  Great for the work out session! It’s perfect for the bare face days when you just don’t feel like wearing any make-up.  I use this just before exercising.  It leaves my skin looking bright and glowing.  It’s also made from 70% Aloe Vera so it’s super hydrating.  Absolutely adore it!



New UrbanVeda purifying Body Scrub

Smells amazing and works brilliantly to polish and buff away dead skin cells and rough skin.  This is a minty invigorating exfoliator.  Natural walnut shell powder is combined with bio-oils of neem and eucalyptus to leave your skin feeling extra soft and super clean. 



Crabtree & Evelyn Honey and Peach Blossom Body Butter

Crabtree & Evelyn estheticians chose a natural extract of wild flower honey renowned for its ability to hydrate extremely dry, parched skin to create this collection. This is a really rich body butter, glides into the skin perfectly.




Janjra Thai Lime and Ginger Massage oil

This is without a doubt one of my favourite massage oils.  It smells beautiful and great to massage away those aches and pains after exercise.   Made from a blend of sunflower oil, sweet almond and marula seed oils – the smell is light and fragrant. The thai lime and ginger aroma is relaxing and settles the mind and body.  A must have in the gym bag in 2014.




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