Gym bag heroes!


Working out is a daily ritual for many of us, we all have different reasons of motivation but are united in the fact that we need to exercise! So here's some added motivation I would like to share with you. 

Post work out should be a time of pampering and I indulge in this! Finding lovely products that make me feel lovely makes me look forward to my next work out session, you see it’s a vicious cycle of love.

So here are the things that I have found that help!

No more knots!

Showering takes its toll on your hair, as I am growing mine out it’s even more important that I don’t have to spend more time than I need.  The ‘Wet Brush’ is just the tool, which has become the ‘must use’ brush hailed by salon professionals and users for being the best detangling brush!

It’s a regular sized brush which looks like any other until you use it, no tugging, tearing or ripping! Results are detangled hair in fraction of the time, no split ends or hair loss.

I tried this on my 5 year old daughter who like all girls is growing her hair to Rapunzel epic proportions and she calls it ‘the magic brush’ now if that’s not a result I don’t know what is!!

You can purchase from Sally's Store 

Wet brush


Another amazing product I am loving is from the lovely Green People. They have a new 'Toning Hydrating Mist’ that smells divine. Scented with Damask Rose and Orange Blossom floral water, a quick spray and I instantly feel like I have just stepped out from Spa heaven. It plumps and revives tired skin and if you stay hot like me after work-outs, is perfect for staying cool. 

Toning Hydrating Mist from Green People



Toning mist

For those who really want to pamper then Elemis has an ‘Instant Refreshing Gel’ which is great for reviving post-work out muscles. Whether you are a weight training enthusiasts or a Pilates noodle, you will love this! It is so soothing on and smells hypnotic with extracts of hazel and menthol working their magic on muscle tension. I liked this product so much it will be in my holiday bag too as a post-flight treat! Get yours from Elemis 




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