Hair must have: Duck and Dry

If I ever go to the supermarket, I will often pick up the usual hair sprays from the usual brands.  It can get pretty boring and in all honesty, it’s nice to experiment with something a little bit different sometimes.  I recently used two products from a brand called Duck & Dry which I believe started out as a flagship style bar in 2014.  From this emerged the exclusive brand, Duck & Dry boasting around six different products ranging from hair-spray to shampoo & conditioner.


I have long, coloured hair which means it is more difficult to style and keeping curls in place without them dropping out.  For those of you who have asked, I always get my hair coloured from ‘Hair By Charlotte’ – she’s one of the best in colouring dark/Asian hair – check out the picture below.


obviously, after a wonderful blow-dry like this, I wanted hair styling products that were able to help me manage my hair whether it was curly or straight.  I used the Duck & Dry leave in conditioner after I had washed my hair.  It should not be dripping wet, towel dried is fine.  I then basically just dried my hair as normal with a hair-dryer.

Immediately this product locks in the moisture and makes it feel so much softer.  It smells wonderful too!  I next used the Duck & Dry Blow Dry in a Bottle, mega volume spray to set the curls in my hair.  I was waiting for my hair to become all stiff but surprisingly, this didn’t happen.  The spray keeps your hair very fluid, which I love.  There’s nothing worse than having crispy curls that look drenched in product. The picture below is me just about to go to a wedding.  I used Duck & Dry on my hair beforehand and was massively pleased with the result!

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*I have not been incentivized or paid for to write this review.  This is an honest reflection of thoughts - these opinions are my own and copright to

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