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Beauty can come in so many shapes and forms.  One of which happens to be healthy and shiny hair.  If you're anything like me, the no hassle approach – hair up in a pony normally does the trick.  I'm afraid I'm also part of the 'guilty' party when it comes to looking after my locks.  By the time spring comes round, my hair looks exhausted and dry.  Nor does it help that it's coloured which in the end, makes my hair resemble 'straw' – not the look I'm going for at all of course!


My little hidden secret I have had the pleasure of trying a new hair shampoo and conditioner AreaH20.  This is an innovative range that works with your water type to create shinier, more manageable, cleaner hair. The formula acts like a magnet – pulling mineral ions away from the hair (the blighters responsible for coarse, dry feeling hair, tangles, static etc!) and helping you to wash them away more easily. The range is the result of five years of clinical biochemistry trials and created by Hairdresser, Patrick Lehane.  The products left my hair beautifully soft and without that static feeling.  I also found that after drying I was able to style my hair effortlessly. 


I asked Top Hair Salon Pierre Alexandre, New concept hair and beauty what his best tips on how care for our hair properly.


How often should we cut our hair?

Hair grows 1 cm or ½ inch per month, short hair needs cutting every 4 to 6 weeks to keep it in shape, and medium to long hair every 6 to 8 weeks, to achieve maximum shine, condition and shape


How to protect coloured hair?

Truly beautiful hair colour is shiny, vibrant and lasts, you need two ingredients:The first is a good professional colourist using the best colours.As a top salon, we are committed to consistently watching the markets for new developments. Over the years we used several colour companies.In 2012 we’ve decided to a brand called ‘Silky’ because it gives the best coverage, it truly conditions the hair whilst colouring and is very low in ammonia above all it does not fade. Our clients leave the salon always happy with a beautiful vibrant colour and shiny conditioned hair looking gorgeous.The second and most important is the condition of your hair. We believe hair that is taken care of and kept in good condition will always look at its best. If your hair is damaged even the best skills and the best colour won’t give the same effect and it will not last as long as it would do on healthy hair. ‘You are what you eat’ your hair is made of Protein called Keratin. It is essential you eat enough protein daily, to keep your hair healthy.We recommend one soft boiled egg at breakfast time, to keep your hair healthy and shiny, because eggs hold the most complete source of protein. Sadly many people have dull hair only because they do not include enough protein in their daily diet.


Should your hair colour compliment your skin tone?

Absolutely, there should always be a colour balance between skin tones and hair colour. For example, very pale skin, with very dark hair can look ghost like, and reversed dark toned skin with very light hair colour can look harsh or kaki shaded. The choice of shade in a hair colour is so important; it can change your face shape, make you look insipid, but chosen well can give your face a younger, fresher, healthier look. Hair colour can also be used to make a face look slimmer or fuller just like make-up. If you have a drastic colour change always make sure you get advice from a Make-up expert who will advice you what new colours make-up you should use to compliment your new hair colour. Of course you can also change the face tone with Make-up and change your hair colour to what ever you desire. Red is going to be big again in 2014. A-listed readers will be Glamorous.


What's the 'hot' hair style for 2014 (ladies)?

There is a variation of hair trends during this year, the hottest will be short cropped, as Jessie J shows in her new dark short cropped creation now or long and soft curls mixed with a sexy wave like Beyonce Knowles shows in her new released video ‘Honesty’. A variation of Bobs, are again hot in 2014 as well as many variations of asymmetric cuts.Casual waves however, will still be the real ‘Hottie’ this coming year!




This is certainly a hair care range I will continue to use.  Available to buy fromAreah20 







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