Has your relationship with sugar become a little sticky?



Adults in the UK should aim to cut their sugar intake to 5% of daily calories, according to the World Health Organisation, which is less than the amount in a single can of Coca-Cola.More so than ever it’s become really important to identify our sugar habits and avoid their bitter results by eating (healthy) fats instead.


Confused? Don’t be, the Udo’s Choice team of experts reject the top excuses we commonly use to devour the sweet stuff and explain why we should shun sugar for good.

 1)You’re a sugar addict

You sweeten your drink at every opportunity or reach for the biscuit tin at 3pm but it’s a defective strategy as you’re only riding the sugar rollercoaster that will lead to a huge energy crash. Worryingly these office sugar ‘fixes’ have the potential to cause a career crisis as they have been linked to memory loss & diminished concentration levels. Fats are a far more effective fuel power for your brain. Udo’s Choice Nutritionist Marianna Sulic says “adding healthy fats such as Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend to your daily diet will help balance your blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings throughout the day. This special oil blend contains essential fatty acids omega 3,6 & 9 which will give you sustained energy throughout the day”.


2) You think sugar is harmless

New WHO guidelines have suggested that sugar can be blamed on rising obesity levels, heart disease and even cancer. Yet it’s not just the inside that sugar can have a detrimental effect on. International MUA Ruby Hammer says “too much sugar can have a devastating impact on your skin. Essentially what happens is that sugar attaches itself to any protein in the body and produces harmful molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products’. These reduce the effectiveness of elastin and collagen proteins in the skin that help maintain its youthful appearance”.


3) You hate the F Word

It’s one of the biggest food marketing errors to ever be made. Saturated fats have taken all the blame whilst sugar has got off scot-free. Not anymore! “People who eat the most sugar have higher blood triglycerides and lower good cholesterol says Udo’s Choice Nutritionist Marianna Sulic “adore the almonds and ditch the pick n’mix”.


4) You’re a calorie killer

In a world where the diet industry is worth 2 billion many of us feel pressured to calorie count in a bid to lose weight. Yet you’re much better off cutting your sugar intake and eating the right fats. “For those who are time poor, blending healthy soups and smoothies and storing them in the fridge is an easy solution. Tribest products blend-n-serve cups enables you to blend different recipes without having to stop and clean a bulky blending jar each time.” Says TV Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton

5) You like the sweet stuff

Sugar has similar addictive properties to cocaine, nicotine and heroin. Alternatives are everywhere you just have to look out for them. TV presenter Amanda Byram says “I swapped glasses of fruit juice for water with mint and a slice of lemon. I also take two teaspoons of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend every day to keeps me fuller for longer and starve off cravings”.


6) It’s your exercise medicine

For many keen athletes energy drinks can seem like a helpful boost mid workout yet drinking these teaches your body to demand sugar. Olympic Skier Chemmy Alcot says “instead of energy drinks I try half an avocado pre gym and blend into a smoothie with a two tablespoons of Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens. It brings together the finest green foods, essential fatty acids, fibre, whole food concentrates, phytonutrients and digestive enzymes in complete nutrition in one convenient formula”.

7) Damage limitation

Whilst there is no way to wipe the slate clean, interval training will offset some of the damage. Health & Fitness Coach Jamie Lloyd says” Instead of running round the park, try doing 10 sets of 1 minute kettlebell swings with 30 secs rest. Then that way, it’s less impact on your joints and you will burn more calories too”.


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