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Work out gear is always a serious investment for most and we are always looking for brands that are good for us and the environment, so I was delighted when I came across BAM. An ultra-soft, comfy and versatile fitness and performance wear clothing brand made entirely out of bamboo fabric!

The founder David Gordon is also a splendid chap who would rather make less money and have more happy customers and to prove it for every order they finance the planting of a tree in the name of the purchaser and this ends up being a massively ‘net positive' influence on the environment.  Since they began, they have donated over £10,000 to Rainforest Foundation and Rainforest Concern and are now looking for new projects to become more closely involved with.

Digging a little deeper it's hard not to like this brand, something that wins environmentally and socially has to be applauded in todays competitive sportswear market. To break it down here are some bamboo facts we found along the way. 

  • ‘Bamboo Dry’ – absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second:  Moisture wicking. 
  •  'Bamboo Antibacterial' -  bacteria don't live well in this fabric.  So it doesn't get smelly even after many days :) 
  • 'Bamboo Anti-static' - so it sits very well next to your skin, not clinging to it. 
  • 'Bamboo UV protection' – it cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays, so perfect for holiday/travelling cover-ups.
  • 'Bamboo Sensitive' - For sensitive or allergy prone skin, bamboo is perfect; it's also anti-fungal.  many people say it's the only solution they've found for problem skin.

Better for the environment

The growth cycle of bamboo is utterly sustainable!

  • Bamboo thrives naturally without usingany pesticides or fertilizers. 
  • Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable.
  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It spreads rapidly across large areas.   
So we tested out a work out top to see what our A-L reviewer made of it all!
"I work out 3 times a week and sweat loads! So I am always looking at clothing which is not clingy and lets my skin breath. To touch the top was super soft, hard to believe actually it was bamboo. Ten minutes into my session and sweat alert, I could feel the fibres not clinging yet so that was a good sign. Thirty minutes in and loads of sweat, I take a glance at the sideward mirror to find underarm patches not resembling a sideways shower! Also no cling and I actually did feel the fabric was more cooling than my regular running gear. I would definitely look into buying some bamboo as it will be just as snug on cooler days when I am looking to layer up. "
To find out more, please take a look at BAM

BAM facebook 

BAM twitter



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