In light of the problem

Beauty is skin deep or so some would say. There is still a very prevalent problem within many cultures surrounding the issue of skin whitening methods.


Browsing within the aisles of a superstore, I found myself glancing over unwittingly at a young girl. She must have been around 16 years old – sadly, she seemed to be old enough to think she needed to have lighter skin.


It's incomprehensible how women feel that they must, in order to feel beautiful, change the colour of their skin. The main chemicals used within these creams are hydroquinone or mercury. The upshot – problems with skin pigmentation and much more serious health implications including skin cancer and liver damage


A reduction in melanin can cause thinness of the skin, irritation, blotchy patches and has also been linked to problems in pregnancy due to the rise of mercury in the body.


A survey carried out by the British Skin Foundation found that almost 16% of dermatologists feel that skin lightening creams are completely unsafe to use. Shouldnít alarm bells be ringing even if this was 1%?


The issue here really impacts the way women from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds see the correlation between skin colour and beauty.


Itís horrifying that skin lightning brands are still imported to the UK and all over the world. Itís even more saddening that the 16 year old girl I saw at the supermarket and countless others are a product of this shameless and brazen multi million pound industry.


If you need more information about seeking help for the issues discussed abover then you can read more at the British Skin Foundation.



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