Interview: Fatai making sound waves


Earlier this year we came across a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter Fatai Veamatahau – if you haven’t heard about this super-star in the making then you soon will.  She’s already been noticed by the likes of Sam Smith and made the semi-finals of The Voice in Australia. 

Now signed by Mercury Records, she’s making headway in carving a successful career in the music industry.  We speak to her about her take on her twist on the song ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ originally from the Disney movie Frozen. 

Her Youtube video went viral racking up over 150,000 hits since it was uploaded in August this year – we instantaneously fell in love with her voice and can’t wait to hear more about her plans to tour in the future.  Here’s what Fatai had to say about her viral hit and what inspires her to create beautiful music. We have uploaded the original video for you all to enjoy…


Tell us what inspired you to take on the Disney song ‘Do you want to build a snowman’?

 My dog! I was taking her for a walk and while she was sniffing a patch of grass next to me I checked my insta and stumbled across a photo I posted of her a while ago and the description of the photo was a quote from olaf the happy snowman from frozen saying “some things are worth melting for" and as soon as I got home I went straight to my guitar and jammed on the tune …….which is why my hair looked amazing from the wind on our walk *sarcasm*

Did you think it would have such a huge response from the public?

 I honestly did not expect any of this response. Just like all the other videos I put up, it’s just me being weird'ol me, doodling around and having a jam but I am extremely grateful for the love that people have given. I seek nothing but to make others happy.

Check out more from Fatai on her youtube channel here


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