It’s a girl thing!

Have you ever walked passed another girl and secretly wished you had her bum?  There isn’t a girl I know that hasn’t complained about having something slightly changed about her looks.  I went on the search for products that didn’t change your looks, but altered the appearance of them – the upshot, a happier lady, and a bigger smile!  Enjoy…

 The Wow without the Ow


 The wrinkle MD Brow | Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System

This is a great product, aimed more at the mature lady.  The first and only of its kind, WrinkleMD changes everything about anti-aging skincare. Using gentle Ion-Infusion™ Technology, this hands-free beauty breakthrough significantly reduces wrinkle appearance with medical-grade Hyaluronic Acid (HA)— the same primary ingredient found in the wrinkle fillers used by dermatologists.

 It’s easy to use and comes with 5 HA brow patches, an activator pod with a protective pouch and the HA youth serum.  It was simple to get to grips with how the machine worked – you simply attach the connector buds to the HA infusion patches, apply some hydrogel patches on to the skin and hey-presto you’re ready to go.  The treatment does last half an hour so your best of making yourself  a cup of tea and grabbing your favourite book – perfect excuse to relax!

 Now I have to be honest, I am lucky not to have any dreaded wrinkles yet so my Mum (sorry Mum) trailed this one for me.  The results, her skin looked smoother and less evident wrinkles on her forehead.  This was a gradual change and took between 10-14 days – it was easy to use and although there wasn’t a dramatic difference, there was most definitely a change in the appearance of her skin. 

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 The super boob tube!


 Elevate is a brand new clinically proven bust increasing and firming cream. I have to admit, this cream did make me giggle – but here’s the thing, your bust does change over the years.  After having children, honestly – they are often in need for improvement. 

 Formulated with the natural active ingredient, Commipheroline, derived from the Indian Commiphora Mukul tree, Elevate stimulates the production of fat in the breasts to help increase the bust size whilst firming and smoothing out the epidermis so crepiness and fine lines are visibly reduced. Vitamin E also helps to strengthen the skin and prevents cellular damage. 

 The cream actually comes with a measuring tape so it really means business.  After 3 weeks there should be firming results and after week 6 a size of your bust increase of between 1cm and 4cm.  So does it work? Well they certainly felt much firmer.  There was a very small increase in the size so thankfully, it didn’t make me look like Katie Price before the boob reduction.  It did however certainly make me feel more confident and the cream itself smells quite nice. 

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 Tinted Tan – the natural look



 I am always after a tanning product which produces a natural all around glow and I think I have found it.  I have been using Karora CC face and body suits all skin tones.

It uses skin loving natural botanicals that nourish and hydrate the skin to improve the texture and the tone.  The cream gives you a beautiful natural hue, perfect for the days when your skin needs an extra boost! 

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