Lavender and its many health benefits



The majority of us are aware of lavenderís aesthetic and practical benefits. Its lilac flowers brighten up any corner of an outdoor space, its soothing scent helps calm the mind and its simplicity of care makes it a staple choice for any summer garden. But lavender has an astonishing number of health benefits. Whether it be hair care, a sleep remedy or a soothing scent youíre seeking, the chances are that lavender will fit the bill.

Here is a quick guide to just some of the many health benefits of lavender, from itís role as everything from a remedy, to a calming aid and a preventerÖHair care: Did you know that lavender helps with scalp conditions such as dandruff? Combining lavender oil with warm water and olive oil makes a quick solution to the age-old problem.

Aid digestion: The consumption of lavender has been known to help with bloating and digestion due to its calming properties. Always make sure you buy culinary lavender thatís safe to eat, to make sure itís free from any garden pests and sprays.

Relax and unwind: Lavender has long been used as a relaxation remedy, due to the fact that its scent can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Try hanging a small bag of dried lavender next to your bed, or adding lavender oil to a diffuser for a good nightís sleep.

Achieve softer skin: For a more specific sleeping aid, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil by Kiehlís will help you drift off, replenish your skin and leave you feeling relaxed and fresh-faced when you wake.

Ease aches and pains: Adding a drop of lavender oil to a warm bath will help calm the mind and relax tired muscles. The aroma makes it a natural alternative to a luxury bubble bath.

Moisturise dry hands: For a Lavender-infused product thatís extra gentle on hands, try LíOccitaneís Lavender Shea Butter Soap, the perfect choice for all skin types. The all-natural recipe will make sure that hands are well moisturised.

Keep bugs at bay: Lavenderís aroma also has hidden health benefits for holidays. Although humans tend to like the smell of lavender, it repels bugs such as mosquitoes and moths that find it too potent. Adding lavender oil to the skin will help keep pesky bugs at bay. And if you are unfortunate enough to have been bitten, add the oil to the bite to help reduce irritation and swelling.

Calm frayed nerves: Are you a nervous flyer? Lavender can help. As the scent is calming, adding some lavender oil to the wrists before a flight will help reduce stress and anxiety, along with side effects such as headaches and tension.

As well as being one of the most attractive flowers there is, lavender has an unprecedented number of health benefits. And for that reason it has quite rightly earned its place as the nationís favourite flower Ė a title that would be difficult to dispute.

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