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As London Fashion week has drawn to a close, A-Listed has gone in search of jewellery designers truly making a statement in the fashion world in 2014. Here’s one that will certainly make a lasting impression. From the countless independent Jewellery designers making their mark in the fashion industry, we have spotted a real diamond in the bunch.

Lola Rose has exhibited her brand new collection at London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2014 and this clever collection caught our eye. A-Listed Contributor Fossy Meade gives us his take on the bold and the beautiful from Lola Rose. I have picked out 5 pieces from this adorable collection although picking them was certainly a difficult task, they are all magnificent in their own way. This is wearable jewellery to turn your casual attire into something chic and so on trend. I am fascinated by the rose gold cuff bracelet.

It comes with a statement stone set inside and available in fabulous colours such as teal, blue, green, marble and musty cream. The stones are great for mixing and matching – so you can suit the one best to compliment you! These gold earrings come in smoky purple black. They are so unique and completely finish off any outfit. You cannot go wrong with this necklace. It’s bold, daring and looks fantastic on. It comes in Rose Gold and encapsulates ‘fun’ in an instant.

The other necklace is set in traditional marble making it look vintage and classy. The fourth piece I noticed was the chunky bracelets they called Anneliese, which comes with an accentuation of gold on the clasp. It comes in three different colours, white marble, teal blue and peach, perfect for spring and summer. The final piece I glanced at was the multi-layered chain-link necklace, which has a mixture of grey, gold, peach, pink and clear.

This necklace is right on trend; a lot of jewellery designers have followed this essence of multi-layering. The great thing about Lola Rose is that it is an accessory that can add to pure impact or amplify a much more understated outfit. I guess that is why we all invest so much time and effort into the small details. It’s so true when they say the right piece of jewellery can make or break an outfit – this collection is on trend and will not fail to disappoint. To view the collection please visit


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