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There really isnít anything like finding a range of skin products that work for you. We all have different skin types, some more sensitive than others. Thatís why A-L went on the search for a range of products that have our mark of approval for being kind to the skin and leaving it super soft and supple. This is our top 3 countdown on the skin ranges that left my face tingling with excitement.

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If youíre not already using this range then you are missing out.  We tested out Faith in Nature products, the Exfoliating Face and Body Polish enriched with organic calendula, the purifying cleaning lotion as well as the rejuvenating facial wash and the body lotion.  Faith in Nature products were incredibly mild and smell absolutely divine.  We loved how they literally just melted in to the skin and couldn't get enough of the face and body polish. .  A huge thumbs up for this range.  You can buy the Faith in Nature range directly from their site, Faith in Nature.  



The VITA MINERAL range from REN Skincare is focused on hydrating, nourishing and replenishing the skin.  Itís kind and gentle to the skin.  This is an extensive range of products and perfect for women of any age. These products are great, they didnít feel harsh on application or after. Truly hydrating a great product range for the harsh weather. REN is certainly a skincare range to invest in for sensitive skin types. You can by the range directly from their site, Ren Skincare.



This is pretty much what it says on the label Ė heaven.  We tested this out and it effortlessly sinks into the skin. The facial wash is actually a cleanser and toner Ė great for when you havenít got the time to fit in a rigorous daily skin routine.  The essential moisturiser is fabulous Ė it doesnít leave the face feeling greasy.  These products are light and hydrate the skin.  Definitely making the mark in our top 3!

To buy please vist, Heaven Skincare.


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