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Lucie is an artist who lives in Brixton with her Old English Sheepdog, Oscar. She spends her days creating bespoke stylised maps.  She calls the maps MIP’s, which detail a person’s ‘Most Important Places’ in an area – these can be their memories or favourite places, for example: their favourite coffee shop, where the kids go to school, where they got engaged or a particular tree they fell out of, and the result of which means every MIP is completely unique to the person who commissioned it.

No matter how bizarre, anything and everything can go into a MIP.  Lucie works mainly in acrylic on canvas, but also creates graphics and illustrations. Naming the maps MIPS, is actually a tribute to her old boss, whose wife commissioned the first ever MIP for their kitchen.

Her son was only little and couldn’t say map very well, instead he mispronounced it mip – we noted that the map did in fact contain all their most important places and from then on, the maps were officially known as MIPs!  Lucie finds it an incredible privilege to be given insight in to people’s lives and the things and places they hold dear.

She notes that people tend to be really passionate about where they live, or where they come from, and she finds it so exciting to feed off that enthusiasm to create something that documents all these memories and special places.

She says, this part is by far, the most amazing part of her job.  She loves it when she receives huge documents of all the places someone wants to have featured – they provide the background of why it’s important to them. She says she learns so many interesting facts about different places that you just wouldn’t know about normally.

Lucie also creates corporate MIPs. These are normally on a much larger scale, and so she create them as graphics which are then printed as digital wallpaper, ready to be literally rolled onto the wall. Her biggest project to date has been an 8-meter long, mega MIP for One Canada Square. This piece covered the whole of London and all the most iconic landmarks, from O2 arena to Kensington Palace.

Lucie plays down her incredible creative talents when she says :“I don’t claim to be a fantastic illustrator. I think my work has quite a child like quality to it, but I have always loved drawing buildings. Part of the fun and the challenge for me is taking the most intricate architecture, something like St Paul’s and drawing it in its simplest form, but so people (hopefully!) still recognise it. “Lucie continues: “I love maps (good job really!),

I think everyone normally has some sort of love for maps, especially older ones or more quirky ones. I think part of the love of maps is familiarising yourself with the crazy logic of the area in front of you. Being able to pick out your road on a map is a game that is played by everyone. I want to take this a step further and have people really resonate with my maps, to recognise every building.

To be able to step back and take in the area in it’s entirety, but to move closer and seek out their street, their house, or their local shop.”Creating The MIPs has allowed for some pretty fantastic adventures, from creating a piece for the one of the tallest buildings in the city, at Canary Wharf, to sitting on a beach in Douglas, Isle of Man researching the legend of Manannan, to travelling to Marrakech to draw the main square. Lucie has had the opportunity to MIP places she has never been before and never thought she would have the chance to, and she notes “all whilst learning about wonderful places at the same time, all over the world”.  

 She says she finds it’s an absolute dream to be able to make a living from doing this. Her main aim is to MIP the planet, one place at a time!  Lucie’s website can be found here, where you can see images of all the pieces of work she has created so far.

 You can also find Lucie on Facebook and Twitter and limited edition prints of her pieces are available to buy on Etsy – she is also always open to hearing about private commissions in all shapes and sizes. You can contact her on email: or by phone 07951 068 329


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