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Quirky, tongue in cheek and controversial – tell us more about how you started in the world of fashion?

My first project was designing the clothing for my Jack Shh music video, it was enthralling, I found that by taking a lyric and a concept I could display my internal thoughts outwardly and create clothing without fashions' shallow connotations. In a world where everything becomes a statement it's important to actually be saying something!

You have a strong celebrity following including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rita Ora – what do you think draws them to your collection?

I often wield a giant magnet, it can get dangerous sometimes, especially near lamp posts.

 Your 'Nan's old sweet shop' inspired your work – tell us more about this and how growing up has shaped you as a designer?

Childhood can teach you who you're not as well as who you are, I felt growing up that nobody represented who I was so I chose to represent it myself. Peter Pan is also a bit of an idol as growing up has little appeal!

Your couture line launched in 2014.   Is it an amalgamation of fantasy and every-day wear – tell us more?

I feel everyday should demand a sense of expression and occasion so the line between fantasy and everyday is blurred for me. If I could have my own way everyone would wear crinoline's to the cinema, even the boys, but when I take my head out of the clouds I see the necessity of a sweatshirt or a t-shirt especially when the focus is the print. Singer, songwriter, performer and a designer – you’re an incredibly expressive person. 

What does it take to be a successful business woman?

A fist full of clichés which start with hard work and end with determination. As a performance artist, business often isn't the first priority, sometimes the need to portrait a concept or to write a song will defy conformist business logic. It's about balance, some hearts lack business and other businesses lack hearts!

When Alice fell down the Rabbit Hole we know she was wearing a dress…if she was given the 'Madame Allsorts' treatment – what would she 'really' be wearing?

The magic of Alice was her innocence and her need to follow, so the simplicity of her dress when she fell is perfectly appropriate.. The Madame Allsorts treatment is more knowing, it's more about leading, it's more Mad Hatter! The excitement in dressing Alice would be dressing her for her departure of the rabbit hole, I could display her wealth of knowledge and her new found experiences in a colourful flamboyant bustle, a bustle so large that she wouldn't fit back out of the rabbit hole and subsequently would never have to return to reality!

What's planned for 2014?

A little dabble with organised chaos.What advice do you have for budding designers?Go forth and design! Advice is a double edged sword as it's important not to be influenced by other peoples ideals and experiences. You have to make your own rules and listen to your gut, there will always been some arse telling you to be a more "this" and a bit less "that" but if you follow that path there will be nothing of you left and it's harder to be passionate about something you don't recognise.


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