Make-up created exclusively for olive skin-tones

Founder Ex1 Cosmetics Farah Naz


A range of make-up created exclusively for olive skins is at the heart of a make-up revolution.

Although Europe is synonymous with producing some of the world’s highest quality cosmetics, manufacturers are still overlooking the beauty needs of the continents rapidly growing ethnic populations. Although the vast majority of European women choose to buy high street brands over premium, until now women with olive skins have had no choice but to buy expensive department store brands just to find make-up that matches their skin.

EX1 Cosmetics is changing all that, providing bespoke shades from very fair to deep olive, using unique yellow/golden undertones which are designed to mimic the natural pigments found in this skin type – and for the very first time, at a high street price point.

Due to the brand’s unique position in the mass market, EX1 Cosmetics has won an impressive array of coveted industry awards. Founder of the brand and British born Pakistani, Farah Naz, used her background as a biochemist and dedicated two years to create the multi-award winning EX1 Cosmetics brand – a range of five foundations, five mineral powder foundations, three powders, three concealers and four blushers – catering for women living with olive skin tones like her own.

EX1 Cosmetics has been formulated by world leading cosmetic scientists working in collaboration with top European universities in Milan, Italy. Unlike other brands which try to cater to different skin tones, Farah was keen to make sure only the finest ingredients feature within the range, including those which you’d expect to find in designer high-performance skincare. Farah wanted to create a line of cosmetics that not only caters for olive skins, but also takes into account the differing biophysical characteristics of this skin type.

The skin can be more oily, and due to increased levels of melanin, it is also much more susceptible to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation following acne or injury to skin tissue. EX1 Cosmetics contains healing ingredients with both the mineral foundations as well as the concealer. This is typically because women with sensitive skins have a higher usage of these two product types. EX1 products are also completely oil free.

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EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundations, £10.50

Product range, from £6.50


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