Mind your ‘teas’ and Q’s

We are back this week to give you a weekly dosage of caffeinated tea talk and draw your attention to the wonderful selection of teas available from Higher Living.

Higher Living recently launched a brand new, bold and beautiful range of teapee bags for a better, brighter brew. Does it live up to our 'higher expectations?' – yes indeed!

These teapee bags are bursting with flavour and taste crisp and fresh. We would recommend trying Green Tea Coconut, Sweet Dreams and Earl Grey.

Designed for tea connoisseurs with discerning taste for style as well as substance, Higher Living’s teapees produce bold and flavourful teas thanks to a mesh pyramid bag that releases a steady flow of flavours and allows us to see the beautiful array of herbs, colourful spices and chunks of ingredients such as cloves and ginger within the teapee.

One of the last remaining truly British tea manufacturers, Higher Living’s teapees are made exclusively in Gloucestershire, with the best organic quality herbs, an eclectic mix of new blends and are always GMO, gluten and dairy free, whilst being suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

It's worth visiting their website to get fabulous recipe ideas for creating your own teas like 'Mint and Melon Iced Tea'. Did we mention their packaging is also rustic and incredibly cute with a British vintage twist!

You can check out the range from at www.higherlivingherbs.com

Mind your 'teas' and Q's

Mind your 'teas' and Q's

Mind your 'teas' and Q's


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