Mind your teas and Q’s


Our tea talk has taken an unusual twist this week as we have decided to delve in to the deep dark world of coffee.

With an equally monstrous variety available to choose from, it's often a task in itself to try and figure out which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.

Coffee has it place in history. It's thought that coffee goes as far back as the thirteenth century. The Arabs were not only the first people to cultivate it but were also the first to trade to other neighbouring countries. By the 16th century coffee was brewing in Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.

Today, drinking coffee at home or at the local coffee shop has become a much loved pass-time.  Whether it's full bean, ground or granulated – coffee has an acquired taste and you will often have to rustle through a fair few before you find one you enjoy.  

We recently tried and tested Blacksheep Coffee – this isn't available to buy from supermarkets but can be purchased from their website Leavetheherdbehind.com.  Blacksheep coffee happens to be the UK's first fine Robusta bean product and it won't disappoint.  The coffee is rich, creamy and reminiscent of walnut and dark chocolate.  It doesn't leave a bitter taste in the mouth either and is surprisingly smooth.  All in all, a fabulous coffee and highly recommended by the A-L ladies!  Check out our little video below…!



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