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This week our edition of 'tea talk' is paying homage to the wonderful selection of teas available from the Rare Tea company.  First of all, the packaging is adorable. These arrived in little tin cans, perfect for keeping the tea bags fresh, allowing the smell and flavour to stay locked in for much longer.

There is a huge variety of teas to choose from but the ones listed below were particularly tasty and were interesting blends.  I also love the way there is a little gem of ancient history to accompany the tea – knowing about where and whom the tea was served to in years gone by makes the experience much more special in my opinion. 

Japanese Sencha


One that I really enjoyed was Japanese Sencha.  This has a strong buttery asparagus taste to it – a very uplifting aromatic tea.   This tea was crafted by  Moriuchi san – one of the most revered tea-masters in Japan on his 200 year old tea-garden in Shizuoka with his wife and daughter.

China Green Tea

Green Leaf Tea

If you prefer a softer and lighter tea I would suggest trying China Green Tea. This I found was perfect for those lazy hazy summer mornings.  It's not over powering and tastes wonderful.  The tea is produced in the same place and in the same way in China that is has for 3000 years.

Jasmine Silver Tip

2011-01-26 11.17.10-1 Jasmine

Jasmine Silver Tip is by far one of my favourites.  This is a delicate white silver tip tea scented with actual jasmine flowers layered on top of the tips for 6 nights in total.  It also comes complete with Royal Prestige, this specific tea used to be the preserve to the Chinese Emperor only.  He obviously had very good taste in tea!

You can buy these teas from RareTeaCompany.com – let us know which one is your favourite?


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