Mind your ‘Teas’ and Q’s

Sipping a full flavoured cup of chai in the morning is always my favourite pass time.  There's just something about a cup of tea that ticks all the right boxes – relaxing, chilled out and absolutely a 'must have' when the day doesn't seem to be going your way.

There are obvious brands that we have become accustom to – the only thing we can compare it to is a 'comfortable' hairstyle that is in dire need of change.  This ladies and gentlemen is the 'tea rut'.  Incredibly easy to get stuck in and certainly a difficult task to alter.

We went in search of tea companies that cultivated some exceptional teas and will be bringing the ones we most enjoyed to you EVERY WEEK.  What's more, they have been tried, tested and slurped their way into our top 'try-and-buy' tea list.

Investing the time into your much loved 'cuppa' – these wonderful teas will not disappoint. 


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Aromatic, rich, fragrant and really luxury teas.  We love a 'tea' that tells a story.  The founder of this luxury tea brand, Edward Eisler, is the UK's foremost expert on rare and fine tea and is credited with defining the modern tea ceremony. Not only are they stocked in cupboards of some of the most 50 best restaurants in the world, but they are now also available to buy online so you can also tickle your taste buds in style.  

Jing create very exotic and rare teas from countries including China, Taiwan, India and Japan.  We tried out:

  • China: Anji Green,
  • 2008 Cooked Puerh Mini Cakes
  • Taiwan: Ali Shan
  • Japan: Sencha
  • India: Nilgiri Frost

Note that special 10g sample packs are a great way to try and specific teas that you like the sound of.  These teas were wonderful yet very unique in taste.  Jing have a fascinating array of Eastern Countries which is where the tea is produced, it's amazing how such beautiful and fragrant flavours are packed and sealed ready to be gulped with such ease.  

So which ones did we really enjoy?  They all tasted wonderful but one that seemed to leave a somewhat sweet taste in the mouth happened to be Ali Shan.  Ali Shan Tea is one of Taiwan's most celebrated Oolong teas. With its fresh, clean and creamy texture, it is extremely refreshing yet rich.  The smell of this tea is raw and fragrant, the taste is satisfying and almost creamy.  If you want to find a teas with a unique but moreish taste, this is the one to go for.  Visit Jing and all the wonderful teas available here.


If you really want to get the maximum effect of tea then it's worth investing in this gorgeous tea infuser.  This tea infuser works like a charm – allowing the tea to infuse with all the flavours seeping through into your cup.  Not only does this tea ware look incredibly stylish but it also creates a fabulous cup of tea from loose tea ingredients.  A 5 star rating from A-Listed and highly recommended to the avid tea drinker.  Check out more from the Jing teaware here.



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