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Hampstead Tea – The review

As you know, we love our teas, and coffee of course but staying true to our British roots, who doesn't like a good cuppa?


Recently I came across the God Father of all teas. The Moonlight Silver Tips from the Hampstead Tea range are in my estimation, the creme de la creme of pretty awesome teas. Dubbed as the most EXPENSIVE tea in the world, only 420 jars have been produced from the Makaibari Tea Estate in India’s Darjeeling province.

One jar costs £50 but this by any estimation is the avid Tea lovers dream Christmas gift. These teas really do mean business, it is hand-picked during the optimal conditions of a June full moon night, between midnight and 3am, the harvesting of the tea leaves is made all the more special by its concurrence with the summer solstice, that only occurs once in 108 years.

Now, I have tried and tested a fair few brands of teas and there are some that just don't make the cut when it comes to flavour. Hampstead teas have honestly perfected this little gripe of mine! My absolute favourite Lemon Ginger – infusion. This is a zesty, edgy, invigorating infusion with a delicious kick.

Ginger, a natural stimulant, is used extensively in traditional Ayurvedic remedies. You can seriously smell this divine tea as soon as the hot water hits the bag. Also, Hampstead Teas have fine tuned the much loved Earl Grey. It's
aromatic, smooth and completely not overpowering.

I also tried to Assam and Fennel Liquorice – infusion. Fennel is an excellent digestive and breath freshener, valued for its comforting and balancing effects. This is a fabulous blend of fennel seeds, liquorice root and peppermint leaves to help regulate the digestive system. I always find this works brilliant when your feeling a little bloated.


Hampstead teas have really took me by surprise to be honest. I'm so impressed with the flavour. Great packaging and most of all I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every cuppa. Now that's a result! Check out the range at Hampstead Tea.com 


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