Movie night with Portlebay

Movie night just got interesting and this little piece of information we just had to share. The usual soft drinks and colourful sweets made a casual appearance but there's a twist to the tale.

Portlebay have created some of the most scrumptious flavoured popcorn in town.

Made from kracklecorn, which is a wholegrain and naturally high in fibre – this tasty treat has put the 'pop' back into popcorn.

It's great to finally find a snack that adds variety to the 'standard run of the mill foods' we so often pick – mostly out of sheer routine!

In all honesty, our chick flick became a little more 'fun' since we couldn't seem to agree on which flavour we liked the most. The sweet range includes tantalising teasers including Very Berry, Cinnamon Swirl and Lemon Sherbet.

I was a sucker for Cinnamon Swirl, but my friends would have adamantly disagree. These snacks are perfect for a quick nibble and even better to add that little something special to movie nights in!

You can get your hands on them at

Movie night with Portlebay


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