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In the run up to Manchester Fashion Week 2014, sportswear brand flex their 'muscles' in a bid to bring 'style and sophistication' into the world of sports and fashion. 

 Tell us about how the brand started?

 Paul and I are the directors of Radical Sportswear Limited and are avid sports and fitness enthusiasts. Whilst I myself have played netball and tennis at what I'd like to regard as a pretty decent level, Paul’s main sport, particularly in his early years, was golf. Indeed he grew up playing with his best friend, Mark Roe, (now short game coach to some of golf’s leading players in the world and Sky Sports presenter).

 Paul is also secretary of a not-for-profit weight training club based inSale and has been a regular gym goer for more that two decades. We also both have children who are still or have been involved at a high level of competition in their own chosen sports, namely swimming and rugby.

 So having always been enthusiastic about all kinds of sport, we couldn't believe the often crass and unsophisticated sportswear people would turn up in at the gym. We quizzed why ‘fitness training’ as a sport in its own right didn’t have the niche market for better quality and a more sophisticated look, which could also be taken out of the gym – like you may find in other sports, such as golf or skiing.  

With the modern man being more fashion and body conscious than ever before why, in the place they train to get that ripped V shape musculature, do they arrive in baggy T’s, most of which do not have anti wicking or anti-odour properties?

 We set about running workshops with keen gym goers and sports people, discussing what they were looking for in fitness clothing to maximise comfort and performance, what they felt was missing in the market and why. It is against this backdrop that the idea for the brand was born.

Muscle-In as a brand name is perfect for a range of sports and fitness apparel. Why? Because not only is it a well known and memorable phrase in its own right, inall sports fitness training in the gym is crucial, and building muscles for strength and stamina are a key ingredient for those wanting to excel in their chosen sport.

We believe that Muscle-In’s more inclusive and approachable brand personality will lend itself to all sportsmen and women, irrespective of whether they want to wear Muscle-In for performance and style in the gym, or when they walk onto the arena of whichever sport they play, such as rugby, rowing, lacrosse, football, basketball, hockey, triathlon etc.

So there it is, Muscle-In, ‘fitness styled’ clothing, tailored with quality to deliver a sophisticated look.

 Feeling good in your sporty attire is incredibly important – what were the challenges for you?

Psychologically you already feel like a winner when you walk onto the field or into your chosen sporting/training arena looking your best, and what you are wearing is integral to this. After all, we wear what we believe communicates what we aspire to be.

 Clothes reflect our personality, about how we want to portray ourselves and Muscle-In clothing will give you the edge to excel in whatever you’re out there aiming to do. The team behind Muscle-In branded fitness and leisure apparel, which centres on being ‘FITNESS STYLED’ are driven by an obsessive and unwavering desire to give customers access to high quality and performance related gym and fitness apparel that gives this edge, sets you apart from ‘mainstream’ apparel,

Muscle-In clothing is specifically tailored to show off the physique and trim down at the waist. This enhances an overall body look, ensures that you stand out, look amazing and feel even better. Whether an occasional gym goer or professional sportsman, if you feel good in your look before a workout you will be empowered and will almost certainly perform better in training.

 How should one feel wearing Muscle in clothing – how do you want them to feel?

Empowered, unique, motivated, comfortable, stylish and ready for action!

Tell us about your involvement in Manchester Fashion Week 2014?

 We were delighted to invited by MCRFW to take part. They were incredibly keen to get a Manchester-based sports clothing brand involved and advised us that they had been doing some research of their own into what was new and exciting in this arena.

 We are really looking forward to be show casing our ‘Muscle-In’ range on the evening of Sunday, 20th April 2014. We are also in discussion with MCRFW about any other involvement we might be able to tap into in the build-up to the event.

 What are your plans for the future?

Whilst we have big and ambitious plans, we aim to ensure that we keep our feet on the ground and grow in a controlled and realistic manner! Our core focus will be on ensuring that we continue to deliver a high quality, dynamic and relevant product offering, whilst supporting its delivery through the provision of high levels of customer support.

Within our first year or trading it would be fair to say that we have been overwhelmed with the reaction we have received for the product from a diverse cross section of people. We have enjoyed the thrill of seeing and hearing from sports professionals who have chosen to wear the MI range over some of the bigger and more established brands, purely because they just love the look and feel of the sportswear.

Indeed some of the base layers items have gone on to receive accolades from the likes of Mens' Fitness Magazine and Healthy for Men along, with fantastic reviews from other sporting blog websites and digital magazines.

 As well as extending our already successful range of compression wear, by bringing in leggings, shorts and new coloured long sleeved base layers, we have repeat orders in place for a number of our best selling products.

 We have also designed an array of new sportswear products that will enter the range over the coming months. Just as excited as we are in the growth of the Mens’ range,we have plans to launch a ladies range later this year, probably around the third quarter. With lots of ladies buying and wearing the Muscle-In range already, their desire to see the brand name rolled has been extraordinary.

 We’ve already had the likes of Michelle Keaton tweeting an image of herself in one of our small mens’ zipped compression tops whilst doing her own workout. Again, we will promise to place performance technology in poll position, but with fitness styling remaining central to the design.

 The range will be sophisticated with bright splashes of colour, which we believe will set it aside from other mainstream brands. Long-term, we have the drive and determination to hopefully see Muscle-Indevelop into a globally recognised brand.


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