Meet Nevena, a perfectionist, a sensitive soul and an impulsive, energetic designer. Her dresses are created with the client at their heart, drawing together some of the world’s most exquisite fabrics and her own distinctive, carefully proportioned designs to offer a bespoke, refined couture wardrobe to make you look and feel nothing less than beautiful. Nevena grew up in an artistic and academic family in Sofia, Bulgaria, and learned to sew in her childhood, helping her mother, a teacher and a talented dressmaker.

Why Couture?

Because in a world where everything can be (and in fact is) produced in billions of pieces and sold to the masses, nothing matters more than one thing (dress) which has been especially made for you. With all the care and attention an entire team of craftsmen could possibly invest/put into it. 

What experience during your training was most valuable?

My training has lasted all my life. The most valuable experience is my huge experience. And that nothing can replace the depth of my practical knowledge and the high grade of my very own cultural and psychological understanding of clothing at all. 

Tell us about your collection?

Someone in the know recently said that my designs were "…striking. And that they had an Old World charm and grace coupled with modern appeal". I was very happy to hear that and I couldn't agree more.


What influences your design work?

People. The beauty of nature. Ugliness – so I can answer with the opposite. Relationships. Harmony and the lack of it. Love and loss. The entire exciting variety of life's emotions and fabrics. A good design is impossible without an inspiring, high quality fabric. And then you need to understand them and be really able to work with them – otherwise your will just ruin them. 

If your collection could speak, in a sentence what would it say?

I will last forever.  Good design always does. 

Do you have a favourite dress? 

Yes. That's my signature dress, called the NEVENA DRESS. It is the most simple but the most expressing dress for your life. And it suits every woman, but in a very very different way.  It is made from very special angora lace from Sophie Hallette, a wonderful French lacemaker.

What do you wear at work?

More and more my designs. I feel absolutely beautiful in something with no compromises on whatever level. It makes me feel free and me, and it is a 

real treat I can have every day. It is the best of NEVENA "cooked down" to some sweet and very classy exemplars.

Walk us through a typical day

I always start with the work in the atelier. This is the backbone of my work and I feel the happiest there. Recently much of the process goes over the Skype, but I have an eagle's eye and am able to see down to the millimeter. Then I do the mailing and start fittings for clients. The most typical picture of me is handling quite many actions at once – following 5–6 dresses and every single detail of them, talking on the phone (I have 3), checking and writing emails at the same time and looking at newspapers or/and magazines. It sounds absolutely crazy and it is very tiring, but I could not live in a different way – I can't be just a dreaming designer!  

Where can we find out more about your work and upcoming events?

We have only recently opened in the atelier in London, so our plan of events has yet to be arranged, however we are very active on Facebook and Twitter and our website is up and running. For further details please     


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