Organic Beauty Week



It’s finally arrived! The first ever Organic Beauty Week (from 8th – 14th September). We have always enjoyed the lovely products from the Green People, our most favourite brand when choosing organic, so this is a fabulous opportunity to test out for yourself.

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating Organic Beauty Week by taking on the organic beauty challenge.  Simply switch one or all of your beauty products to an organic alternative from Green People and see what a difference certified organic products can make to your skin and also the environment.

What is Organic Beauty Week?

The Soil Association created Organic Beauty Week as part of their already popular Organic September. The aim is to increase awareness of fabulous certified organic beauty products and to demonstrate their fantastic benefits giving your skin the goodness it deserves for a healthier, more radiant you.

Here is a quick summary of what Green People has in store this week:

Daily offers

If you’re curious about organic beauty, or you want to save on your favourite Green People products, take advantage of Green People’s amazing offers - one for every day of Organic Beauty Week.

Be a label detective

An easy way to kick start your ‘one small change for Organic Beauty Week’, is by checking the labels of your bathroom and make-up staples so you can become skin care savvy.

Don't fall for the marketing hype and industry jargon, sniff out any nasties lurking in your bottles, tubs and tubes, to become the Sherlock Holmes of organic beauty.

You can use the FAQ section of Green People’s hugely popular website or do a quick internet search to decipher any complicated names, then simply pick the product you want to switch based on your cunning detective skills; we're sure that we've got something you'll love.

Charlotte's Skin Clinic

Back by popular demand! Green People founder Charlotte Vøhtz will be hosting her hugely successful Skin Clinicduring Organic Beauty Week.

From 9am Wednesday 10th – 5pm Thursday 11th September, Charlotte will be hosting her Skin Clinic Facebook event to answer all your skin care questions. Expert in all things organic lifestyle, beauty and skin issues, our very own organic pioneer will be helping to keep your body in its natural balance.


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