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Laura Delaney is a Presenter and Entertainment Journalist for RT… TEN. We caught up with her on her day job and career highlights…Bradley Cooper. Need we say more?


Who have you been most excited to interview?

It has to be the one and only Mr. Bradley Cooper. Iíve always been a huge fan of his. Heís an incredibly gifted and talented actor (and heís not bad to look at either). From his hilarious performance in The Hangover to his Oscar-worthy nomination for Silver Linings Playbook, heís always knocked whatever role heís played out of the ballpark. Colin Farrell was also up there as one of my favourite interviews. Heís the full package Ė cool, intelligent, charming and above all heís a terrific actor.


Do you get nervous before you go on air?

I was only 21 when I landed my first interview and I was incredibly nervous. There was so much to take in and memorise. I was anxious about forgetting my questions and jumbling up my words. It was also intimidating having so many people in the room – the camera man, the talent, their agents and PR representatives. After a few months, everything just fell into place and interviews and pieces to camera became more natural. I started to see celebrities as normal regular people, which meant I could chat away to them like they were my friends.


Tell us about your typical day at work?

As a multimedia journalist I do everything from writing entertainment stories and interviewing celebrities to reviewing movies and editing content for the website. The entertainment world moves as such a rapid pace and we always have to be on top of our game. Iím constantly sourcing stories and keeping an eye on social networking sites to make sure that our viewers/readers are kept up-to-date on all of the showbiz happenings. One of the perks of the job is previewing movies in advance of the release date and attending press launches. I always find it rewarding writing up reviews and then finding out what readers made of the film in our comment section. All of the journalists write their own scripts and do their own research along with producing all of the TV packages. Thereís never a dull moment in our office. There is always a celebrity or someone interesting floating around the place.


What made you want to pursue a career in Journalism?

Iíve always been a complete chatterbox and outgoing person but equally Iíve always been intrigued and curious about peopleís lives. My inquisitiveness led me to study History and Politics in college. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and made some great friends along the way. However, long term I knew it wasnít going to satisfy my sociable personality. I decided to enrol in a Masters in Journalism and Media Communications. This year long fulltime course offered modules in film studies, investigative journalism, radio and TV presenting, newspaper and magazine writing. I loved the whole process of shooting and presenting a scene and then watching the whole story come together in the editing suite. After making my first 3 minute fashion documentary, I knew that I wanted to get into TV. Luckily for me, RT… Ten just happened to be looking for an intern. After my five month stint I was kept on and I havenít looked back since.


What do you love most about your job?

I love how each day is different and that Iím not caught up in a set routine. The diversity of the work suits me down to the ground. The biggest bonus with the job is meeting new people on a daily basis. Not only have I made some great contacts and met some wonderful people on my journey to date, but Iíve also made lifelong friendships.


If you could interview any famous person, who would it be? 

It has to be Emma Thompson. She is such an iconic and legendary woman. I mean two Oscars under her belt is seriously impressive. I recently saw her in the Mary Poppins Ė inspired movie Saving Mr. Banks and she was phenomenal as ever. I reckon she could be in contention for her third Academy Award. I could see us sitting down drinking tea and eating scones and nattering for hours. So Emma if youíre reading thisÖ.drop me a line. The tea is on me!


What advice would you give to any other aspiring presenter? 

The advice I was given when I was starting out was to try and learn something new every day Ė and they genuinely were wise words. In life itís so important to keep on challenging yourself. Donít be afraid to ask people you work with questions. Still to this day, almost four years later, I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. Iím constantly picking at peopleís brains and asking the camera man why scenes were shot from a particular angle and what certain equipment does. Iím also completely fascinated by the editing process. I donít think I will ever run out of questions to ask our editor. Not only does it show that you are serious about your career, but it allows you to do perform to the best of your ability.  


For news and updates on Laura's projects please connect with her on Twitter @LauraD_RTE


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