Paleo the way to go?


So new year new weight loss fadÖthatís what I first thought of Paleo. Not encouraging if you are a new fan, but fear not! I decided to dig a little deeper as thatís what most of us do this time of year post inspection of December indulgence.

 So exactly what is it, slanged Ďthe caveman dietí it is essentially what your ancestors would eat, so grass fed meats, fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds. Sounds simple enough? And this is why I think this one will prove popular, because it is simple. Basically if it wasnít on the menu in your great(x10) nanaís day then itís a no-no.


An interesting way to look at this diet has a lot to do with the evolution of agriculture which gave way to a lot of the processed meals we have today. The diet or lifestyle choice some would argue has been around for some time, Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin was one of the first to suggest that following a diet similar to that of the Paleolithic era would improve a person's health back, back in 1975. There are an abundance of sites listing what you can and cannot eat, see links below to get you going.


Celebrities are usually the first to froth over food lifestyle choices, with the likes of Gwyneth, Victoria and Jessica Biel all followers, I think we are in good company.


So do you see results? Like any diet you will need exercise and monitor your food intake. Although there is no calorie counting on this diet it can be worked in if you need the extra check. 



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