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I have often pondered over the concept of ‘sexy lingerie’.  Perfectly sculpted to compliment the female physique, one can easily forget that these seductive lacy under garments have more than one purpose. With this thought slowly mustering away in my mind, I have to say I was pleasantly taken back to hear the owner of a luxury lingerie boutique in the heart of London challenge these very preconceptions. 


Introducing business woman and a true entrepreneur, Esther Fieldgrass.  Inspired by a weekend spent in the beautiful boudoirs of Paris, she went on to build the beginnings ofPetits Bisous, a leading luxury lingerie empire in Chelsea. 


“Luxurious lingerie should not be saved for special occasions, or purely for your partner’s gratification, but should be worn for your own happiness and pleasure” –  Esther Fieldgrass


According to Esther, the right lingerie can have a significant impact on not only external aesthetics, but internal wellbeing.  I couldn’t agree more, the 21st century woman needs all the happiness she can get! As we become mothers, career women, family women, multi-tasking extraordinaires…having an under garmet other than cotton is for sure going to glam up my day.


It’s liberating to know that my lingerie can ‘selfishly’ be mine, all mine!  I gloat in the thought and relish the fact that fashion doesn’t need to be a reflection of your external attire, it’s without a doubt more personal and incredibly intimate affair when it comes to lingerie. 


The Petits Bisous collection comprises everything from simply gorgeous everyday essentials, to the ultimate fantasy outfit; with every kind of seductive lingerie you can imagine in-between.  For Brides to be Esther has selected the finest silks and laces for the perfect luxury trousseau. 


To spice things up, Esther every month hosts an invitation only experience in the ‘boudoir basement’ in-store.  Inspired by the Parisian ‘La Belle Epoque’ the evening comprises exclusive lingerie fashion shows, guest speakers giving talks on romance, intimacy and eroticism. 


There’s one thing for sure, as well as allowing women to look exquisitely seductive, Esther empowers and liberates women.  She continues to make an impact and we are certain that her SS14 collection will leave us all lusting for more. 


To view the beautiful collection please visit  Petits Bisous.


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