Protected Species: Rain On


Planning a work outfit in advance according the British weather may well be something you’re already accustom to – pairing up the perfect heels with the right top and bottoms for work is all well and good.

The department I have often struggled in however is finding something professional yet stylish to wear over the top. My wardrobe has seen a barrage of mac’s in its time, so I was pleasantly surprised to try out this one from Protected Species.

 I was brimming from ear-to-ear to find that Protected Species Mac’s are ‘waterproof’. In fact, this alone sold it for me. If there is anything we are guaranteed in the UK, it’s rain! This mac is light weight and made from signature fluid intelligence fabric, soft to the touch and available in a demure coral shade.

Even my hair managed to stay dry thanks the detachable hood. This isn’t just a coat for work, teamed up with your evening attire; you can pretty much get away with wearing this mac anywhere and for any occasion. You will be glad to know that Protected Species have also developed iconic jacket designs to include the parka – In my opinion, they have revolutionised urban outdoor in allowing women to look good as well as protecting against the elements.

 I had to get to the bottom where this ingenious idea came from. I spoke to Anne Muir, co-founder of the brand who commented: “We are an all-female fashion brand so our jackets amalgamate technical performance waterproofs with femininity – essentially, these are rain jackets that you’re not going to be ashamed to be seen in”.

The perfect combination, a waterproof jacket designed by women, for women. Protected Species will also be taking part in Manchester Fashion Week 2014. Tickets are available to buy from So in true weather reporter fashion, A-L forecasts a great deal of happy on-trend fashionable ladies come rain or shine, thanks to Protected Species! Click here to find out more


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