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A few moments before I meet Rosemary, I am told that she is cutting through a giant sugar crafted elephant in the Jungle.

 Luckily, this wasn’t for a bush tucker challenge for 'I'm a celebrity…Get me out of here! This one happened to be at the fabulous Cake and Bake Show which took place in Manchester – I'm sure Rosemary felt more at home in the latter! I'm surrounded by sugar coated cakes, a cocktail of muffins and beautiful handmade macaroons. A great way to get your mind off meeting a famous TV personality, cook and author – this lady really is a jack of all trades! 


Rosemary walks in, run off her feet equipped with a bottle of water and huge smile. ‘Ok, let’s start’ she says. My questions are already written down, but to be honest – this didn’t really feel like an interview. If anything, I walked away feeling inspired and funnily enough, it's clear to see that there is a budding fashionista in Rosemary too…

 Where did you love for cooking come from?


From my childhood, I have always loved to cook. It was something that came naturally to me.


Tell us what you enjoy about the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester?


This is my second year taking part and the people that come down and exhibit here are incredibly passionate and talented at what they do. There’s so much to see and there’s absolutely something for everyone. It’s a great atmosphere and a great weekend for the family or anyone that loves to cook.


There seems to an influx of male celebrity chefs. Do you think it’s harder for women to make a name for themselves in this industry?


No, absolutely not. Women are coming into the industry – I would like to see more chef de cuisines as opposed to pastry chefs. I find that more women seem to sway more to becoming pastry chefs. I would like to see more women taking the lead in the kitchen.


Many women are working longer hours, managing children and still trying to find time to cook. Do you have any tips for working parents?


Keep it simple and do as much as you can do in advance as possible. I always plan, because I have children and grandchildren and I want to be having fun myself. I work myself and I know how difficult it can be. I love to get the children involved in cooking as well. Cooking is a great way of bringing the family together. I’m sure we have the cooking ‘gene’ in the family.


When you were a contestant in I’m a celebrity, you obviously didn’t have a kitchen – how did you find this?


It was terrible but it was a challenge, but you know what, it was difficult but we found solutions and we all mucked in and got on with it. It was good fun and I learned a lot.


If you could get a designer to create a ‘one off’ exclusive apron for you – who would it be?


(*Rosemary’s face lights up) Oh my Gosh, what I would love is a Vivienne Westwood apron. I have always said that I feel more comfortable in my white chef jacket instead of my everyday casual clothes. I would love a designer to make me a classy white jacket. I love designers such as Vivienne Westwood or Caroline Charles – if they could design one for me that would be brilliant.


Do you cook in heels or flats?

Always flats. I’m not very glamorous!  (she’s wearing neon pink pumps – I would have to disagree).


What are your future plans?


I have opened a patisserie in Tunbridge Wells. I’m teaching students how to cook and we are hoping to open another patisserie soon.


What advice would you give to any aspiring chefs?


Cooking is 30% and 70% hard work.  It's an art, you have to be creative and think outside the box.  Everybody is good at something – cooking is all about using your hands and your senses.  You need to enjoy yourself – nothing comes easy but if you work at it, you can acheive anything.


Find out more about the Cake and Bake Show here.


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