Its a Rude Health thing

Rude health

It all starts for me at breakfast, the days intentions all come down to the choices I usually make in the wee hours of the morning. Its a mental thing really, I make the right choice and the rest of the day tends to work out better! So armed with good health will, I avoid the kids cereals and reach for my new crunchy fix, Rude Health! 

It burst onto the scene not long ago and if you havent seen it you will most certainly notice it when your eyes lock with its outlandish colourful box. I loved the bright simplicity of the message and peered a little closer passing the pastel greys of muesli eitherside and thought 'how pretty'…darn the clever marketing person. But I am made of sterner stuff and quickly checked the gunk factor normally well hidden in clever words…couldnt find much, in fact couldnt find anything that made me want to break out into ab cruchies. 

Taste verdict, decent stuff that fills you up and tastes like it has more calories than it actually has. My favourite in the range was the Rude Health Drinking Oats.They are high in fibre, protein, iron and magnesium containing all of the goodness of a bowl of porridge without the need for cutlery or a hob.

Now thats an intention I can keep for many a morning to come! Check out Rude Health products before they leap out at you on your next cereal aisle visit.






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