Say ‘Halo’ to Heaven Skincare

Heaven in a bottle?

Say 'Halo' to Heaven SkincareSay 'Halo' to Heaven Skincare


Say 'Halo' to Heaven SkincareSay 'Halo' to Heaven Skincare


Heaven in a bottle? Is that even possible? I have often scoured the make-up and beauty counters for products that I did everything they say on the tin – let's not be coy when it comes to beauty – we need it to 'work'. What's the point of buying pointless products that are nice to look at but don't do the job we expect them to do?

Deborah Mitchell, founder of the amazing Heaven Skincare range has developed a luxurious skin care range which is affordable and works in absolute cohesion with your skin type.

Just recently she has launched her new branding, but do not be fooled…it's the potions and lotions inside the packaging that sold it for me. As beautifully presented as they are – sensitive skin types like myself will need assurance that harsh chemicals are not being used on the skin.

The heaven skincare range, in particular the Essential Moisturiser and Bee Venom SOS oil were nothing short of incredible. The smell, the feel and texture of the product on the skin made my skin feel hydrated, moisturised and packed in all the goodness needed to keep my skin looking healthy.

Another one that took me by surprise happened to be the ellajane celebrity organic face wipes. I'm not one to rave about face wipes but these felt very different to the usual ones that feel like they are stripping your skin to the bone.

These large organic cloth cotton wipes contain apple pectin and are textured to exfoliate deep clean and even remove mascara. They don't feel harsh and the size of the cloth make them so convenient – one does the job compared to multiple sheets from other brands.

Containing Apple Pectin which works to dissolve and exfoliate skin cells, these facial wipes soften your skin as well as giving it a deep cleanse.

The Honey ingredients work to heal the skin whilst the extracts of peppermint help balance oily areas. These are an essential in any ladies make-up kit!

Plump it up. For those of you who are serious about getting results perhaps you should try the new Bee sting facial home kit. Used daily these products will help to plump out fine lines, hydrate you skin and rejuvenate your complexion. The range of products are a fab amalgamation of everything you need to make you feel and look 10 years younger. The kit is worth 190 and an absolutely gorgeous gift.

You can have a sneaky peak from all the latest at Heaven Skincare.


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