Self promoting women and why we need to do this!



Statistics continuously show that women are not self-promoting themselves enough at work. Various women of power and influence have waded in on the debate and have given their advice on why we are failing in our attempts.

 Sheryl Sandberg mostly known for being the most prominent woman hailing from Silicone Valley and current COO of Facebook has written a whole book on the issue, Lean In. The book is focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what they canít do to what they can do.

Like many I applauded her efforts.She took a strong stance on issues that are the cause of contention for most women at pivotal stages in their career . Whether that be your first performance review through to a maternity exit and return, their is plenty of measured advice worth reading.


Another leading lady I follow, Susan Cain did an excellent TED talk on,The power of the introverts. Cain provides an in-depth look at recognising how our personality type could unlock greater powers of influence and persuasion especially advantageous in work scenarios. Making a strong case for the quite and contemplative resonates with many who recognise the strength in these attributes.

So with the above as food for thought, take the below as your starter for ten.



Self promotion starts long before your review meeting. Some of the most successful women in the world, all have one thing in common. That one thing has been consistency in their self-promotion. So build this in to your daily checklist and you will start seeing endless opportunities to pitch your efforts appropriately.

We all know the power of words being our strongest social currency if used well.  They are worth their weight in compensation when it comes to those important meetings with your manager. So spend some time thinking about what key words you are going to use and actually build your pitch around them.


Tangible Facts
Stay close to tangible facts, what events or pieces of work had a direct result on the team or business. Find the links before you have the meeting and quantify them. Directly linking your efforts to measurable stats will often leave little doubt that you are in the driving seat of your career.

Power Pose
I have to smile on the number of posts I see floating around on howpower poses help at work. If you are not familiar, itís basically having the right body language. High power poses vs low power poses are known for getting results. As silly as you may feel doing this they actually make a big difference, so as they say Ďfake it till you make it.í
This is the one time you can state your claim and not be apologetic. If you feel a payrise is in order then ask for it. Equally if a bonus is an option state you should be considered. A tactic I often observed in many compensation rounds was stating your claim and allowing the silence to follow. Those few seconds may feel excruciating but allow that pause as they will work in your favour, your manager will be filling in the gaps.


Eye Contact
Often candidates are scrutinised for not holding eye contact with their future employers. This is just as important at review meetings if not more. Holding eye contact at the right time with your employer shows you are fully engaged with the process. 

Laws of attraction
Success breeds success and its paramount you celebrate your small successes. A colleague I once worked with was a huge advocate of doing this. This not only helps you keep track of your goals but is a positive reflection of your journey for others to see. This is a genuine form of self promotion based on real achievement.

If you are known for going into Soprano when the pressure is on relax we here you on this. Many women struggle with controlling their pitch in stressful conversations! This is easily overcome with practice. A great way to do this write out key statements you will be using in your meeting. Practice out loud reading what you have written, you will be taking your nerves for a test drive and recognise where the stress points are and eliminate them.


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