Shoes with sole

Shoes with sole

When it comes to fascinating shoes, United Nude have created some of the most inspiring and innovative designs one can think of.  Launched in 2003, the Mobius shoe, all the way through to the present day have been recognised as a design classic. 
Founders Rem D Koolhaas and Galahad Clark have since become the leaders in creating truly fashion forward architectural heels.


 Just a quick look at some of their collection leaves you in awe.    

United Nude without hesitation has to be one of the most collaborative brands in the industry with projects ranging from fashion designers, artists, photographers and architects.  The result? A flawlessly produced masterpiece, innovative and  unbelievably decadent in design. 

Looking at these shoes is like a theatrical experience, wearing them adds a whole new dimension to footwear. United Nude donít just push the boundaries of shoe design, they completely obliterate and remake them.


For further information please visit United Nude.



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