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With festival season in full swing and all the fun to be had with festival make-up don't let your skin let you down! We caught up with Amanda Elias, Beauty Expert and Founder of Bravura London to get some top tips on skincare.


1. First we’re talking protection- all that time bouncing around under the baking sun leaves us susceptible to sun damage and burning. Apply a broad spectrum SPF to all exposed body parts and re-apply frequently. A wide brimmed hat as well as an SPF will help to shade your face and protect your scalp, who needs an excuse to go hat shopping?


2. There’s much debate about cleansing while at a festival, although cleansing wipes are convenient, they’re not effective enough to deeply cleanse the skin and remove make-up. Use a cream cleanser which can be removed with tissue or a damp cloth and follow with a glycolic acid toner, that way you’re refreshing the skin and ex-foliating in 1.


3. Do you find your skin flushes when you get hot? Keep a refreshing water spray or toner spray at hand to spritz your face and neck when you feel yourself overheating.


4. Heat rashes and allergies can be a nightmare if you’re camped out in the middle of a field, make sure you pack the anti-histamines and take one daily.


5.  Avoid wearing perfumes on your skin, when the sun hits the areas of skin that contain perfumes it can cause irritation. Fragrance your hair by spraying your hairbrush then brush through your locks, every time you swish your hair you’ll be surrounded by a beautiful fragrance.


6. Sun and lipgloss aren’t a good combination, remember the days of people baking in the sun covered in baby oil? Same thing. Get yourself a good lipbalm that contains an SPF, you can get plenty that have colour or line your lips with a lip pencil then top with a clear SPF balm.


7. There’s a good chance you’ll be on your feet a lot, if you have a lot of thick, hard skin on your feet, standing/dancing all day is going to be a killer. A few weeks before, treat your skin by exfoliating with a pedegg a couple of times a week and slathering the feet in oil every night, for best results pop on some cotton socks, your feet will soon be lovely and smooth. For really thick calluses, see a professional.


8. Parched skin after too much alcohol and sun? Intensely nourish your skin with an oil such as jojoba oil – this non-comedogenic (won’t block your pores) oil is more of a wax and is close to your skin’s natural oil. For sun burnt skin, help the healing process with pure aloe vera gel and apply 3-4 times a day.


9. Nowhere to wash your hair? Dry shampoo is a god send. If you have dark hair go for a dry shampoo that’s designed for your hair colour, they don’t leave a residue. I find it best to use dry shampoo before I go to bed, that way the powdery effect has gone by the morning. You can also get dry conditioner now to spray in and add shine.


10.   Oily skin? To help prevent shine apply a primer with oil control on top of your SPF. To absorb shine during the day use blotting papers rather than powder which will suck up the oil, applying powder will just make you look caked and patchy. No blotting powders? If you’re lucky enough to have toilets with toilet seat covers, take an extra cover, they’re made from similar material to the blotting papers and will help absorb excess oil.



To find out more from Amanda please visit Bravura London


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