Spotlight: Chix’s Story


I have always followed my passion and had a fantastic and rewarding career as a dancer, educationalist and creative producer. I had been studying and researching wine for 10 years and decided that, when I retired from dancing, I wanted to start a new business in the wine industry. A good friend of mine introduced me to her brother Dan, who was at a similar crossroads in his career. As I talked about my ideas, Dan’s interest grew. Over the next three months we looked into the possibilities of starting a bar, but realised that the current financial climate was not suitable. 

One day, when the sun was shining, I started to think about the delicious rosé I had drunk in the Ardèche. At the time, I had spoken to the wine producer about how great it would be to see his wine in London. He’d expressed interest but saw the UK market, as difficult, due to various reason such as currency, language and just the fact we are on the other side of the channel.

I mentioned to Dan that it would be great to bring a pallet of this wine over. The investment would be low and it would be good market research. Without hesitation, we booked our ticket and left the following day for France. After a heady six hours in the winemaker's cellar tasting a variety of delicious wines, we struck an exclusivity deal and three weeks later our first pallet arrived in London.

Dan was the perfect candidate for a business partner. He had the passion to start a new business with money to invest and a calm and hard working nature. The partnership works very well. We have very different characters, but our personalities and skill set complement each other. I love fronting the company sharing my love and knowledge of wine with customers, whilst Dan heads the back office.

I have continued to add to my wine knowledge and have now passed the WSET ( Wine Society Education Trust) advance certificate with flying colours.

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