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A-Listed caught up with mother of three, Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer. Her exciting new-generation skincare range, BRYT has an appeal with everyone! We wanted to find out how and why these lovely products were causing delightful skin-tickling moments with users and what goes on behind the scenes at BRYT headquarters with Catkin herself.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a mother of three, I love life and think it is important to make the most of every moment. I am passionate about what I do and truly believe that a healthy complexion helps the skin to function efficiently whilst boosting self confidence.

Walk us through a typical day?

I get up around 6.00am, do a few stretches whilst thinking of my day ahead before waking my daughter at around 6.30am. We have breakfast together ( usually porridge with Chia seeds and ground flax with almond milk, yum!) I then take her to school before returning home where I have an office. As I am a very young company my day is full on and I do everything! Emails and paperwork take up the first couple of hours before going through orders and getting parcels dispatched. As we are growing I have just hired someone to help which means that I can then work on the marketing and PR activity. As we are just about to be stocked in Waitrose this takes up pretty much most of my time. Lunch is usually a quick soup or salad, the beauty of working from home is that at this time of the year I can grab a few lettuce leaves from the garden and rustle up a quick something. I always have a glass of water on my desk and try to drink throughout the day. I also have my Boost Serum to hand for when I feel my skin needs nourishing too, especially when I am at my computer. I try and plan meetings at the beginning or end of the day so they do not cut into too much office time. We are planning all sorts of events at the moment where we will be exhibiting, like the Hunstanton Amateur Lawn Tennis week in Norfolk in August where we will be selling our products and doing relaxing mini facials for anyone who wishes to try in partnership with Capital VIP. There are also lots of competitions planned around the Waitrose launch and as we are going into 110 stores that really fills up most of my waking hours! I always leave time to collect my daughter from school if my husband cannot and cook her a decent healthy supper. I go to the gym twice a week and work out, weight training is quite a big part of my routine because it helps keep my bones in good shape too! Most evenings are spent in front of the computer usually going through the day’s activity on the website and checking the orders and stock. I very rarely get to bed before 11.30 but when I do it is such a treat!

Tell us about how this range came about?

I have always had a passion for skincare and wellbeing something that was instilled in me at an early age when my grandmother taught me how to cleanse aged 8. My mother has always advocated a healthy diet so growing up I was always given a varied and wholesome diet. I was quite energetic too and loved doing things, loved helping my father in the garden, I loved flowers and vegetables. I made perfumes from lavender and rose petals and made cucumber and lemon face masks or olive oil body moisturisers! My first job in my very early twenties in PR was working on a very prestigious aromatherapy and phytotherapy brand. They were much smaller at the time and I used to translate all the ingredients lists and instructions from French into English. I got to know intricately the oils and their aroma powers and understood how they and the plant extracts could benefit the skin. This interest developed over the years from an interest into a passion especially as science and technology evolved. I read lots of reports and science papers which helped to solidify my own thoughts and ideas about how people should treat their skin. As the largest organ of your body and as it's a filter, it is key to the proper working functions of the body that skin is nurtured and looked after. This is especially apparent from the mid teens to mid twenties when the skin is finding its 'place'. But looking at what was available, appealing and at a reasonable price for most budgets, I felt the market was lacking.

What makes this range different?

Firstly when you see the packaging it automatically evokes a feeling of positivity and is very different from other ranges on the market. The range has a unique formulation in all its products, the APS formulation which includes in its list of ingredients organically harvested wild plums from Australia which are 5 times more powerful in natural antioxidants than well known super-fruit Blueberries. These Antioxidants not only nourish the skin but they significantly help to protect it against Infrared which is hugely skin damaging as it breaks down cell cohesion, damaging the DNA. They also help to protect the skin against airborne toxins. Protecting the skin from oxidising at a young age really helps the skin in later life which in turn also helps towards the general health and Wellbeing of the body. Also as every product is multi faceted we have been able to advocate a simple three step process and create a fully comprehensive Skincare regime which is quick and easy to include into your daily routine. BRYT Cleanse for example, not only includes the APS but is also made using apple amino acids which are not only environmentally very friendly but they also gently exfoliate the skin, therefore the gentle foaming cleanser not only cleanses but gently removes unwanted dead cells.

What are botanical ingredients?

Botanical Ingredients are substances extracted from plants be it oils from the seeds or juices from the plant itself, leaf or stem. We source these from all over the world using Fairtrade partners. They are ethically sourced and organic where relevant.

What is your favourite product in the range?

Oh gosh this is a tricky one as I love them all for their uniqueness and their ability to perform and get results. BRYT Day is fantastic as it not only has our APS formulation in it but has an incredible oil we discovered from Africa. Mongogo oil, used by the Kalahari bushmen to protect their skin from the harsh environment. This oil cleverly polymerises with the sun to create an extra film on the surface of the skin which impedes dehydration. And on top of that it has an SPF of 15 so you have good general protection against UVA and UVB rays. I also love the Boost Serum as it really does 'boost' the skin, intensely rehydrating and nourishing. The skin looks all fresh and dewy but it is also extremely effective at night under the BRYT Night Cream. BRYT Shave has changed the shaving habits for all the men in my family too! Their skin looks better, feels better and shaves better and there is no need for all those harsh foams.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the fact that every day I learn something new, starting a business and doing every aspect myself has been and continues to be an enlightening experience. I love discovering exciting new botanical ingredients and I love the way more and more people are embracing this type of approach to Skincare. And finally I am really enjoying working with schools, and one in particular where 25 girls are working closely with BRYT Skincare on every aspect of the business, so we are very much on this journey together.

What key predictions do you make about skin-care in 2015

I think that high-tech naturals are set to be even bigger, they are already taking the industry by storm. And that of course, is what BRYT is all about!

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