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Imagine a one stop-app that lets you rally up all your favourite brands, your perfect look and also allows you to  buy all in 'one place' – we are about to let you into little secret…

This amazing app is  free to download and is available for use on iPhone and iPad.  So what do the A-L girls adore about  Well, first and foremost, like most super busy women shopping over the internet has become second nature (unless you have been hiding under a rock).  

There are some majorly frustrating things about shopping on the web and here are a few which we are pretty sure you may have also ecnountered.  

Firstly, switching from one shopping website to another to find your favourite clothes can be time consuming.  Secondly the mammoth task of comparing prices and thirdly trying to collate a 'look' without being to view it all on one screen. pulls the switch on these niggles and finally allows the consumer to have the flexibility and power to shop online without the fiddly headaches – this app is a serious contender for all you shoppers!


Powered by intelligent algorithms, the app aggregates stock from thousands of leading fashion
brands and retailers to offer a completely mobile, personalised shopping experience. 

Just like its online counterpart, users enter basic information about themselves and the brands
they like, and are then presented with a real-time feed of tailored products from their favourite designers.

They can then curate their own online boutique of specific items they want to shop, and decide whether they want to purchase online or in store. To aid shoppers who want to try an item
on, the new ‘Nearby’ function on the app is an extremely useful feature that will locate the nearest
retailer and direct them via GPS. 

Other features on the app include direct access to Styloko’s expert editorial, and sale alerts when
their favourite brands and items in their boutique drop down in price. So, if a shopper is lusting after Jimmy Choo shoes, they’ll be informed when they go on sale, or where the nearest retailer is,
ensuring they never miss a sale or must-have item again. 

Designed to provide a more rewarding, 360° shopping experience, the app provides an extra purchase channel option for consumers, and also acts as a mobile shop window enabling them to research products and browse collections in stores around them via their smartphone. 

Ivailo Jordanov, founder and CEO of Styloko, says: “We know that consumers consult several
channels across multiple devices before making a purchase, and we have seen a significant increase
in traffic from mobile. We want to create a better user experience around merging the online
and offline behavior of consumers.” 

Shopaholics, make sure you download the Styloko app here.


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