Juggling the school run with timetables, bake sales, after-school clubs and a full time career? Trying to keep fit with a family home to be proud of? Keeping your sanity in a world of constant tears and tantrums can often be a struggle.


We are the modern mums, earning and eating well with the drive for success but do we really have time for vitamins and minerals!? With supplements and health advice coming out of our ears, knowing which vitamins to take for a healthy body and mind is not only confusing but also time consuming in our already busy lifestyle.


Well fear not super-mums 6 Vitamin Shot is here to save the day, these tasty little shots contain ALL of your vital daily vitamins in one TINY bottle. Itís a small drink that packs a big punch as not only does it contain a high concentration of B vitamins which control mood, depression and nerves (and even food cravings!) but this mighty hand bag sized pick-me-up also fits in with a healthy diet weighing in at only 10KCALS.


Itís even sugar freeÖ6 Vitamin Shots work by replacing the missing vitamins and minerals from your diet in order to increase concentration, boost energy, banish depression and even help towards healthier nails and hair.


All packaged up in a convenient little shot, the drink can be taken every morning for general energy or an hour before exercise for a high-power work out with added endurance.However you choose to take your daily 6 Vitamin Shot rest assured you will be getting all your vital vitamins whilst balancing the school run and work deadlines.6 Vitamin Shots cost £2.50 for one or £24.99 for 12 shots available from


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