Swan Lake: The review

Swan Lake: The review

The truly magical performance of Swan Lake in Manchester, captured the mind, heart and spirit of the audience at the opening night of the theatrical masterpiece.

The Palace Theatre Manchester opened its doors to a packed audience and even if you are the novice to ballet, the stunning take on the magnificent production choreographed by Derek Deane was spectacular, to say the least.

The 24 absolutely beautiful swans heading up the corps de ballets put on a unbelievable performance. The legendary tale follows the story of Princess Odette, kidnapped by the wicked sorcerer Rothbart, who is half-man, half-bird. The evil sorcerer turns the Princess into a swan and condemns her to a life under his spell at the lakeside.

The enchanting tale engulfs the audience into a battle between good and evil, led by the Alejandro Virelles and Alina Cojocaru. Scene by scene, the immaculate performance paired with the live Orchestra of English National Ballet was nothing short of stunning.

The dancers moved with such effortless grace that neither the music or on stage production effects were able to over power or overcome the sheer emotion or energy that went into this classical performance.

If you enjoyed the Hollywood blockbuster of Swan Lake, then seeing this breathtaking production in all its glory will make you realise that there simply isn't any correlation.

This is a must-see performance for the avid lovers of ballet and the quintessential first timers. Tickets are available until the 11th October 2014. Please go to http://www.ballet.org.uk/whats-on/swan-lake/ for more details to book.




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