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Sweet Virtues is an award-winning, forward thinking and health conscious food business, launching the UK’s first super food luxury truffles. Available in three delicious varieties, Maqui, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla, the truffles come in boxes of around 10 and are perfect as a unique and luxurious gift or the ultimate guilt-free treat for oneself.

At the heart of the Founder Carey Davis-Munro’s philosophy is the ‘Triangle of Health’, a balance of mind and relaxation, food and nutrition and exercise and fitness. We caught up with Carey as our A-LISTED food business for National Chocolate Week.

1. How did 'Sweet Virtues' come about?

 Sweet Virtues came about from a lifestyle choice to benefit my friends, family and children. Not only did I want to create more healthy and nutrient dense food and treats for them but I was working on a number of aligned businesses focusing on children’s health and fitness, family wellness and overall holistic health, so it was a natural progression.

 I worked with Ocado to give them content for the ‘healthy recipe’ section of their website when they launched it and was concurrently running nutritional workshops and clinics. I made the superfood truffles when I was focusing on ways to raise serotonin and they tasted so delicious that I was subsequently asked to sell them to contacts, family and friends. They were so popular that I broke two blenders trying to fulfil orders!


2. Tell us a little about yourself 

Health, wellbeing and fitness has always been really important to me. I have been a keen sportsperson my whole life, playing high level competitive sport from an early age. I taught physical education and dance for eight years before going back to university as a mature student to study HR and I became CIPD qualified, with a focus on learning and development. 

 My passion and focus will always be holistic health, incorporating nutrition, exercise and support for the mind. I am an avid yogi and try to practise every day. My lifestyle reflects everything that I want Sweet Virtues to be – a forward thinking and health conscious product.


3. The 'triangle of health' is part of your philosophy, how does that shape your truffle making choices? 

The ‘Triangle of Health’ is a balance of mind and relaxation, food and nutrition and exercise and fitness. One without the other two will never achieve optimum health. I firmly believe we cannot achieve overall health unless all three elements of our triangle are linked. 

This philosophy is reflected in each Sweet Virtues flavour and the ingredients used: Maqui is reputed to Detoxify, Chia Seeds & Lime can help to Energise and Baobab & Vanilla may help to promote Balance.


4. Your personal favourite 'sweet virtue' is? 

People ask me this all the time and I find it incredibly difficult to answer because I love all three.We use complex flavours to multi-layer the taste experience – making a very different and unique truffle. However, it does depend on what I need and how I am feeling. Before a workout, I will eat a Chia Seeds and Lime truffle and feel a noticeable kick from the zesty experience, the Maqui is intense in its berry flavour and is wonderful with a white tea mid-afternoon and when I am relaxing later in the evening, I will go for the Baobab and Vanilla!


5. When you are not making truffles you are? 

To be found in a yoga class or on my mat in the kitchen! Otherwise you will find me cooking – I have three young children and ensure they eat a dinner made from fresh ingredients every night. I also love to constantly experiment with new foods and recipes – all Sweet Virtues products originate from my kitchen, not from a factory. If I am not doing either of the above, I will probably be in transit to and from activities!


6.  Tell us 3 things that keep you going through your working day?

Dragonfly White Tea – I consume at least 6 cups a day and it’s even better when accompanied with a Sweet Virtues truffle! Yoga – as above and my morning smoothie with chia, baobab, lucuma, berries and coconut water. 


7. Where can we buy your truffles?

 We will be on sale imminently at all six Planet Organic stores and Planet Organic Online from October. We also have Daylesford Organic and many more stockists in the pipeline. 

 Please do check our website for new outlets: www.sweetvirtues.co.uk. We have lots of tastings planned during the next few months. 


8. What can we expect in 2015 for 'Sweet Virtues'?

 We are working on product development and are expanding our range to other super food based delicacies. In time, we are looking forward to developing a range of natural food based body products too – I am so excited and am literally chomping at the bit!


We are giving away a lovely box of truffles from Sweet Virtues to one lucky winner all you have to do is tell 1 sweet virtue about yourself and RT & F @A_listedPRgirl. Winner picked on Monday 20th!


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