The Clothing Lounge gets ready for virtual launch

When you hear the statement “We eat, sleep and sh*t new brands” you know that you are going to be in for a shopping experience. Looking for new brands? Check. New designers? Double check. Ideas and concepts? Triple check. All under one online platform? Then let us invite you into the Clothing Lounge…

Emerging, Independent, Exceptional…

Launching on September 8th 2014 The Clothing Lounge is where you discover the newest fashion designers and learn about the latest trends from around the world.

The Clothing Lounge is where fashion visionaries build their labels and start their fashion careers. It is the place for those who have become bored with the high street offerings and are looking for new and upcoming brands.

The futurists behind this shop concept are Samantha Burke and Keleigh Johnson. Professional backgrounds in advertising and marketing for the luxury and technology markets, merged when the two forged a friendship while working for a major fashion retailer.

Combine a boredom of the high street and a constant search for new and up and coming fashion brands and Samantha and Keleigh deduced that those who wanted exceptional, innovative and emerging labels weren’t being heard by the retail industry.

With a natural desire to succeed, the urge to never settle for what is presented to them and the ability to strive for more, The Clothing Lounge reflects Samantha and Keleigh’s aim to be at the cutting edge of the fashion scene.

Its ethos, ‘To constantly aim to introduce up and coming designers that will craft your wardrobes from season to season’, redefining retail by supporting and promoting independent, emerging designers from around the world and acting as the ultimate luxury launch pad.

New, Unafraid, Sassy…

“If The Clothing Lounge was a person we would describe her/him as sassy, fierce, young and bold, unafraid, imaginative & non-typical, someone that understands cutting edge fashion”.

These fashion-forward defining characteristics are essential in marking out the brands that The Clothing Lounge are building their concept for.

Launching with this unique outlet are; Luxury Dubai handbag brand LYA LYA; award winning jewellery from Mei-ling de Buitléar, couture clothing from Mexican based designer Sandra Weil, sensual sophisticated Italian shoes from De Siena and luxury scarves from British brand Tamara Tobias.

Below: Sandra Weil /Fall 2014 & Mei Ling Jewellery

The Clothing Lounge gets ready for virtual launch

The Clothing Lounge gets ready for virtual launch

The Clothing Lounge gets ready for virtual launch


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