The freshers ball – TOP TIPS

Freshers week is once again upon us and taking care of your skin after hours of partying is an absolute must.  A lack of sleep and not the healthiest diet can take its toll, so being prepared to tackle the next few weeks head on can't be bad thing right?  Here are a few hints and tips on some of the things your can do to look fresher than fresh for your 24+ hours of mayhem! 

Have your skin routine on lock down. 

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A great range of products available from Yours Truly Organics.  It uses the key ingredient daisy flower extract, found in the face balm, helps to reduce scarring and blemishes that can be left over from acne and great to perk up tired and dull skin.  Having tried these products, we think they are fantastic and a must-buy! Go to for more information. 


Cheap as chips, don't forget to drink plenty of water. 


Drown out the pain – need I say more?


Give your feet the love they deserve…


TLC for the lips 



Conditioning your lips before the winter chill creeps in is essential if you want to avoid them becoming chapped and cracked. Jan Marini Skin Research’s C-ESTA lips is an all-in-one lip treatment that helps to soothe dry lips, reduce fine lines and defines the contours of the delicate lip area. Its medically-based formula leaves lips feeling fuller, smoother and lusciously soft.  C-ESTA Lips has the added benefit of making a great lip primer by extending lipstick wear and prevents smudging!


To learn more about Jan Marini products visit



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