The true price of fashion?

The discovery made by 25-year-old Rebecca Gallagher finding a hand-stitched label reading ‘Forced to work exhausting hours’ sewn into the floral sundress promoted me to re-think ‘where’ and ‘whom’ I spend my money with.

We have all at some point been lured in to purchasing a bargain, but often I have questioned and pondered over the rock bottom prices exasperated by some fashion giants like Primark.

How can that dress be £3? Why is that item so cheap? That top can’t possibly be reduced further can it? Before I have even made my way over to the counter I have asked myself a million questions but ignorance can be bliss…

Like thousands of other shoppers, I’m blindly unaware of the true lengths of how notoriously callous some fashion brands can be about hiding how their clothes are really manufactured.

Thousands of underpaid workers in South Asian countries have been at the forefront of controversy. Undercover journalists have exposed time and time again children as young as 11 years old (and younger) working in appalling conditions for as little as 60p a day.

Cheap fashion, affordable fashion all comes at a price. Fashion manufacturers are embroiled in the shameful game of over working and underpaying poor men, women and children – and the practice relentlessly continues to thrive.

In 2008 I visited Pakistan, a country torn apart by the poor and rich divide. The business of manufacturing textiles is ‘big’ and the need for cheap labour is abhorrent. If you knew a child had hand stitched your clothes in suffocating, unsafe and exhausting conditions – would you still buy it?

Perhaps as the caring society we say we are we should take responsibility from who we buy our clothing from. Look at the labels, look at the price, do your research on the company. We are after all, a huge cog in the machine which drives this woeful industry.

What are your thoughts?

The true price of fashion?

The true price of fashion?

The true price of fashion?


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