Tried and tested: Dove Invisible Dry range

Deodorant seems to be guilty of two things, not working and leaving white marks. We got sent NEW Dove Invisible Dry deodorant recently and could't wait to put it to the test.  Now what we found most interesting is that Dove have clinically trialled this product on 100 different colours and it was 'proven' to leave no white marks.

Here's what we found…


The NEW Dove Invisible Dry deodorant in the compressed spray version smelt really fresh and worked very well.  I think the knack to any deodorant is to spray it from a slight distance, otherwise white marks are obviously inevitable.  

Within moments of spraying I put on my black chiffon top.  Not a white mark in sight.  Very impressed indeed.  The smell is long lasting and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Commenting on the benefits of Dove Invisible Dry Callum Galloway, Brand Manager for Dove, says:

“Dove believes women should have the freedom to wear any colour that makes them feel happy and confident.  Evidence shows wearing colour can increase your confidence levels*, so we created a deodorant that’s invisible on 100 of them, allowing women to venture beyond safe monochrome shades and say hello to bright colours!”

I usually stay away from the roll-on version but decided to give this one Dove_Invisible_Dry_RO_50ml_FO_50096206a whirl. Again the smell was pleasant but it didn't seem to linger quite as long as the aerosol version.  

You will be pleased to know once again, not a white mark was left on my top –  and I wore quite a few colours over the weekend.

 The Dove Invisible Dry range definitely value for money.  If it can keep me from sweating buckets running around two children and continues to work for 48 hours then I can confidently say, we are on to a winner!

NEW Dove Invisible Dry deodorant range is available from all major supermarkets and retailers now.  

For more information please visit  For further stockists call the Dove Customer Careline on 0800 085 1548.


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