Water Works

The elixir of eternal health and vitality has often been the hot topic of debate when it comes to health drinks. The classic 8 glasses of water a day holds true in every smart girl’s diary…but the humble glass of water is not alone. Whilst that maybe the daily goal we searched for those requiring more flavour to their palettes.Delicious and enjoyable water-based drinks have been on the increase and with so many health benefits we took a sip to see what tasted good.

 First up Vivid Matcha, a natural pick-me-up drink. Now ‘matcha’ seems to be popping up everywhere and is a form of a superfood/tea. It’s a great cleanser and really does have natural caffeine which works to sustain your body. The packaging was really cool as far as carton drinks go and the range included a pear & rhubarb flavour, different indeed. As for taste, they were refreshing and the green tea flavour was not overpowering. I love green tea, so for me this range was fantastic when you want to give your kettle a rest! You can purchase premium outlets such as Wholefoods, Planet Organic and increasingly more outlets.To purchase please visit Vivid Drinks

 Next up Jax Coco Coconut water, offering a low calories alternative drink great for part of a detox plan. What’s more its coconuts are sourced exclusively from fully sustainable plantations from the Philippines and Hainan so drinkers can sip with the knowledge that they are supporting the environment and local communities too. It is naturally isotonic and particularly high in Potassium with a 250ml serve containing 325mg (the same as a banana). Naturally free from fat, gluten and Cholesterol it is also very low in calories with only 18-24 calories per 100ml compared to 48 per 100ml in orange juice.

This tasted lovely, a real thirst quencher. I don’t normally like coconut but the proportion to water was very balanced and the calorie count is priceless! Jax Coco is stocked in selected retailers nationwide including Ocado, Harvey Nichols and Daylesford. It is also available to purchase online at Jaxcoco.

 Last up was my personal favourite Vithit. The vitamin drinks are perfect for those who want a pick me up or simply seek a healthier lifestyle.  The drinks include Berry Boost, Detox, Citrus Revive and Lean & Green and all are made with real juice, herbs and tea, with no added sugars. I liked this range as there is something for everyone and the flavours infusions worked really well. You can purchase the range now from your local Tesco. To find out more visit Vithit.


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