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I have been reviewing health drinks for some time now and I can categorically confirm it is the year of the humble coconut in 2015. Classified by botanists as a fruit, nut and seed, the coconut has uses for beauty and health that seem to be limitless.

But nowhere more have I seen the use of it appear in health drinks, especially at the gym. Eating and drinking clean is the mantra for all those still holding strong to health resolutions for 2015. With such choices on what to drink and eat post work-out, it can be confusing to make sure you are not undoing all the hard work. In recent years studies have shown that the intake of protein can play a vital part in training, recovery and weight management. 

So finding a drink that could combine such needs and isn't packed with sugars has been a long time quest for many. Coco Pro couldnít be any timelier and is the answer to the ever increasing demand for truly natural, healthy products.

Coco Pro is a newly launched coconut water which contains the unique benefit of 20 grams of protein making it the ultimate hydrating recovery drink. Its dual benefits have even seen a number of Londonís five star gyms and retailers ditch the traditional coconut water in favour of offering its members the next generation in recovery drink.

Fat and cholesterol free and with a low glycemic index, Coco Pro is low in carbohydrates containing just 135.3 calories. Itís made with 100% natural ingredients, has no added sugar and is available in two flavours – coconut and coconut with pineapple. 

As for the taste, itís a little stronger than your average coconut water but an easy switch from my regular heavier recovery protein shakes. This has to be one of the best recovery drink alternatives on the market right now, and well worth a try.

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