What’s in the A-L handbag?

Beautiful hair is hard to maintain. Hot and cold weather, excessive washing, colouring and the wrong diet can have an impact on how your hair can look and feel.

This week we specifically went in search for a product that not only protects the hair but also nourishes and encourages new hair growth.

FOM Cosmetics have produced this wonderful 100ml revitalising hair serum. This is packed with soothing and luxurious oils that includes all the following key benefits:

Jojoba oil -adds shine, elasticity and softness to hair. It is balancing for scalp as well.

Rosehip Oil – helps treat dry and damaged hair. It is regenerative.

Buritti oil- moisturises, strengthens, and smooths the hair

Olive Squalane – gives moisture to hair.

Manketti oil -nourishes hair. It aids regeneration and helps protect against UV for application on hair.

Passionflower oil – superior emollient, encourages healthy hair growth

The serum is silicone free and doesn't include any harsh chemicals, it's also beautifully fragranced with essential oils leaving your hair looking and smelling amazing.

The serum itself is just the right consistency and easily rubbed into the hair. A little bit goes a long way, this is certainly a worth while beauty investment for 29.99

Check out the range from http://fomcosmetics.co.uk

What's in the A-L handbag?


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